Surfing with glasses

Hey skip, use to have the same problem man. You dont wanna muck around with glasses/contact whatever.. Just gets in the way. I went to see a laser eye surgeon by the name of Dr Kim Frumar (northern laser vision centre) got the laser eye surgery done, no longer have to wear glasses. Have been enjoying the waves ever since. Have you thought about getting it done Skip?


Yea I’ve been considering it, just don’t know when I want to get it done.


Skip have you spoken to the optometrist before you get your heart set/start saving? (someone might say different, but )you really need your eyesight to be stable before doing this surgery. I can’t as mine are still changing!

I second Snowdragon about wearing contacts in the ocean. I tried to surf once (barely could stand up but therefore was getting tossed in the water a lot!) and I wore contacts.

Also have you thought about wearing no prescriptive goggles over your contacts?? that may offer more protection. and cheaper than perscriptive googles! We got some for mum though and she loves so i do recommend them.