REVIEW: X-mini Capsule Speakers


I’ve been testing two models of X-mini speakers: the X-mini II Capsule Speaker and the X-mini MAX II Capsule Speaker.

X-mini claims their capsule speakers to be ‘sound beyond size’ - and they certainly aren’t wrong.


The X-mini II Capsule Speaker is small; maybe 1.5 times the size of a golf ball. Easy enough to fit in your pocket, portability is a big feature of this speaker. The attached cable wraps neatly around the base of the speaker and fits in a little groove, so there are no loose cables when carrying around. It also comes with a cloth carry bag for protection and portability.

The rechargeable battery is internal so you never have to worry about buying batteries. The speaker comes with a USB cable for easy charging from any computer. The battery life is phenomenal - they claim 12 hours of use per charge but I have easily been using the speakers for more than 12 hours and they are still going strong.

To use the speakers you just pull out the short cable, twist the top and bottom parts of the capsule so they separate and expand (for better bass and sound), plug into your mp3 player or computer, flick the ‘on’ switch, and you’re good to go! There is an external volume control on the side of the speaker. For a small speaker, the sound is brilliant. It’s really hard to imagine something so small to deliver such powerful and crisp sound. You also have the option of connecting multiple capsule speakers together for increased sound and bass.

Here are some photos of the X-mini II Capsule Speaker…


Similar to the X-mini II Capsule Speaker, the X-mini MAX II Capsule Speaker is portable and features an impressive 12 hour internal battery. The difference is the MAX breaks off into left and right speakers. The two sides are held together by a series of grooves and a magnet to keep everything together. You simply pull the two sides apart, twist the upper and lower parts of each speaker to expand the capsule (for increased sound and bass), and they’re ready to rock.

In regards to size they are about the size of a closed fist. The speakers come with a all-in-one USB and speaker cable. The cable features a volume control dial. You just plug the cable into each speaker, then either attach the USB to the computer for charging, or plug the cable into your mp3 player or iPhone. Note, you can charge the speakers (USB) and have them plugged into your mp3 player at the same time. They also come with a cloth carry bag for protection and portability.

Don’t let the size of these speakers fool you; they are high performance, quality speakers. The sound quality is more than impressive and the thumping bass must be heard to be believed. Everyone I have shown these speaks to have been blown away by the volume and sound quality. Nearly every time their first comment was “where can I buy one?”.

These speakers are great for travelling, shred trips, skate sessions, or any time you need portable quality sound. These speakers will be travelling permanently with my laptop for big sound on the go. I have been extremely impressed with the X-mini MAX II Capsule Speaker. If you’re looking for quality portable sound, look no further!

Here are some photos of the X-mini MAX II Capsule Speaker…

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Great review Jeremy. I came across the x-mini on my recent trip in Switzerland. They are simply awesome.




Sweet, i want one!

Nice review Jeremy.


EDIT: Now available at the Boardworld Store -


Hey, thanks for the review, I’ve been stalking the net trying to find out about these things. I have a question and Im sure its a stupid one: is there another way to charge it apart from a computer’s USB? I want to take it travelling but dont take a laptop with me and dont plan to be hunting down computers everywhere I go. Could it be charged using a wall-charging USB charger, like the one for an iPod, but swap the iPod USB cable out of it for a USB to USB cable on the AC charger?



Trozza79 welcome on board boardworld ha ha. Yes you can use the wall-charging USB charger. The speakers are so handy and being able to transport it so easily makes it awesome. Read my review also that I will put up soon.


Alright I finally get to write a review about the X-Mini.
Well when Sean first showed me the X-Mini I was a bit reluctant about it because of previous experiences with mini speakers. Well when it was played, oh snapped it was dope. The size is seriously a misleading thing. Once expanded the X-Minis sound kicks ass and has amazing clarity considering the size. Myself and Rob have have some Shakey session with a X-Mini and people have wondered where the tunes are coming from.

Image of the Shakey.
I honestly can’t believe the sound quality and clarity that comes from a rad little speaker.
Having only demoed the X-Mini capsule I am going to check the other series because to be honest, they are so worth it.