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~~The Chocolate Thread~~


Anyone tried the Pretzel mm’s! They are the bomb digity!


Cadbury’s Mousse chocolate Mmmmmmmmmmmm snake


cadbury creme eggs !! yuuummm

bought a box for 15 bux.. 48 in that ! =D


nyteskye was that on catch of the day LOL I almost bought one


Does someone order chocolate online? If so, share the link to the service.


I have repeatedly ordered chocolate on the internet online-if you want someone to share with you a link to a good service for ordering chocolate, in this case I can advise you to go to the site where I ordered organic chocolate. Here there are very inexpensive, but very tasty chocolate gift boxes. Just click on the link and take a look at it.

GooseWashington - 19 March 2021 08:13 PM

Just click on the link and take a look at it.

It looks good. Do you think this will be a good gift for a girl? I was alone for so long that I forgot how to make gifts correctly. Chocolate and flowers, right? My brother showed me a review of dating sites - It got my life off the ground. Now I am completely ready for a new relationship. It just became more difficult to meet in reality because of covids. So, what about chocolate?