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Need lil advice

Alright well after about 3 weeks of going through hundreds of reviews I’ve finally decided on a board the “YES. Typo”.
I would say I’m still pretty beginnerish I’ve snowboard probably 20 times. But I would say I’ve always been the athletic type so I picked it up fast within like the first 2-3 days I was taking on blacks. Probably a bone head move lol but I’m still here to talk to all of y’all so that’s win.
But anyways enough of me sounding like a douche bag talking more game than I probably have. My questions is what size board would be good for me with the yes typo having the underbite edge. I wear size 10 boot I was just wondering if I would would need a wide board or not. Also I’m 6ft 5"11 around in there and I’m 155-150 depends if I eat breakfast that morning. Lol
I was thinking the 155cm board what do y’all think? Thanks appreciate the help