Depth Perception - anyone seen it yet?


Watched it last night on AppleTV, have to say I was pretty impressed overall.  It’s a 180 degree turn away from Fourth Phase, being based around the CMH Galena area for the entire thing (an hour overall).  I’m heading to Nelson in Jan and will be spending some cash with Big Red Cats so this got me a little bit pumped punch

Thankfully there aren’t tons of backcountry kicker shots (although it starts with one), it’s moreso just 4 riders smashing some sensational pow lines and having a ball while doing it.  I liked the fact that there aren’t any crew meltdowns, time wasted on people complaining etc.

Rice has dialed his serious factor back a fair bit as well which is welcome.  They even take the piss out of him with the whole “this cycle we ride” line which is pretty funny.

Austen Sweetin is pretty awesome, as is Bryan Fox, with his 183cm pink pow board “Big Pink”.  I’ve never seen Robin Van Gyn before but she smashes it pretty damn hard, pleasure to watch.

I think that’s the thing about the film that I liked so much - there’s very little of riders trying to out-spin each other off the next kicker and more really tasty pow sessions, big turns in deep snow.  The kind of runs you actually want to do on a bucket list heli trip, as opposed to descending some gnarly 80 degree face.

There’s a shot where its basically just bombing the shit out of a line with a follow-cam and that pretty much sums up the film.

Sure there’s some goofy narrative but mostly it’s a great fun, solid, no bullshit snowboard flick.  Crank the sound, crank the beers and check it out!