GoPro Recommendation

Hey guys

One of my mates suggested that I rent a GoPro for when I go on holiday in a couple of weeks). The problem is I don’t really know which of them on there is the best to get. I’m not by any means good at video editing or anything like that, it’ll just be for me and my mates to watch and maybe youtube. Do any of them on there look suitable? (Apologies if this question gets asked a lot!)



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The latest models are the Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session (smaller). But the Hero 4 is great as well. I have the Hero 4 Silver and it works great. GoPros are all fairly user-friendly. As long as you get a Hero 4 or Hero 5 you should be able to get great quality video.


Hi buddy, if possible go for the latest version anytime while you are reading my comment as that will help you to get editing faster nd smoother due to a lot of factors (You can Google it as this is basic info).

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