Whistler Summer 2017 Jobs/Accom

Hey guys, to start off my first post I would just like to introduce myself. Im 19yr old Aussie planing to move to whistler this year to do a summer season with my girlfriend.

I understand this site is mainly winter season questions etc but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway haha,

So the plan is to move to Canada in May as most places start posting jobs around then for summer, the ultimate goal is to land a job within blackcomb and have staff housing along with that too, GG.
But realistically not everything fall’s into plan. While we will be in Vancouver for awhile (setting up SIN,bank,Phone number etc) also traveling into whistler to go for job interviews being so close to Van we would not move to Whistler until we secure a job there.

My first question is, Say we do not get offered staff housing and we have to find either Hostels, Seasonal Renting or Air BNB, How limited are we too finding a room to stay in Start/During summer season? I have been looking at seasonal renting currently i.e Rideonwhistler.com and they have almost full availability as off now. Im just wonder if anyone has had to find accommodation during season and how hard was it to find etc. I understand the cost is going to be a little more then staff housing obviously. 

My second question is, Okay say that we pre-booked our accommodation with either Air BNB or seasonal renting for instance June - July and within that time frame we do get offered a job with staff housing is there any way you could delay that offer? I doubt it since WB is pretty full on each season with Staff housing. but worth the ask if anyone has experience with this! Why im asking this is because either air bnb or seasonal renting you pick how long you want to stay for then you pay the price and if you leave before the end date you do not get the remainder of your money back.

I hope this all makes sense and there is someone out there who has had similar experience in this situation or anyone who can lead me in the right direction would be much appreciated!!

Thanks guys!


Welcome to Boardworld, @Torren!

Things are always easier in summer. Things have been almost impossible during winter if you don’t have something lined up, but summer is a bit of a different ball game.

Make sure you have a bed for a couple of weeks when you get here, then get ready to hustle and find a place. My suggestion would be to get here and hustle hard.

If you’re offered staff housing, I wouldn’t delay it. Best thing to do is book temporary accom for aa short period of time, in a place that you can easily extend a few days if needed, i.e. a hostel. Commit to short stays and increase days as needed.



Thanks for the reply mate!


Yeah as Jez said, finding accommodation is much easier in Summer! You’re best to join the Whistler Housing Rentals facebook group and start keeping an eye out early as well as have a look on Craigslist.

Then…buy yourself a trail bike and go explore! Whistler is a great time in Summer!


Just joined the Facebook group then and defiantly going to keep an eye out for sure!
Already bringing the bike with me and ready to shred! hahah

Thanks for your feedback mate!


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