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Because of snowboarding… Contest 2016


Welcome to Boardworld, @Liam93!


Snow boarding has drained my bank account, shattered my bones, left me breathless and put me in some rather unsettling scenarios to say the least. Would I change it for a second? Never!!! Why? Well I’ll let you in on a little secret. In winters darkest and most grueling days, I have a secret. A secret  that only the initiated can understand. A secret so undeniably powerful it can make even the slothiest of couch spuds refrain from hot water bottles, sudafed and b grade movies, but in exchange. Wake up, focus and spring into action like a well oiled machine!! sounds like some sort of infomercial doesn’t it. Ha! I’m not selling steak knifes. I am no guru preaching mantras on how you should live your life. I am but a simple dude with a passion. But there is o’ so much much more!! Wax? “check” antifreeze? “Check”. “Why are you so happy ?” “Its a secret” “where are you off too?” “Not telling” “when will you be back?” “Not sure” “what about work?” “Eh…?”. And so it begins… the moment when all those months staring into the clouds and daydreaming finally come together. The moment where you put everything behind you and grab life by the balls. The moment where you hike the next ridge, drop the next bowl and Shred. The moment where you bank future memories into a volt that can be called upon when enduring lifes most mundane duties. That is the secret! Everybody has to confirm to some kind of structure to exist in todays society. Wether you’re a doctor, lawyer or a crud kicking labourer like me. But at the end of a powder day none of that matters!! I’ve shared tables with professionals, military, all walks of life I would never otherwise have the chance to associate with. And at the end of a powder day the general consensus is “HOW FANFREAKINTASTIC WAS THAT!!!!!!!” Guards are dropped, rounds are shouted and the stoke is aliiiiiiiive!!!!! This does not happen all the time and thats what makes moments like these so special. The snow in my beard will melt, the mountains will turn green again and those brief moments will keep me sustained to endure just about anything life throws at me. So there it is folks, thats my secret. It doesn’t matter if your a big mountain charger or a kid in the park. Maybe tobogganing is your thing. There are no rules and it might not be there tomorrow so go and get it, treat yourself you desrve it!!!

I’m sure you’ve picked up on all my gramatical errors! Haha. Sorry, at school I was far too busy anticipating that big blob of angry weather displayed on the computer in front of me! In summer it meant tubes and winter, pow! I could never promise my parents a carreer or stability. One thing I can promise is that if the good people at arbor decide I am fit for a new sled. I will extend my trip to gulmarg and really get to work on doing what I love best!!! Hahaha ✌


Hey Boardworld, When are you guys drawing this comp?


Thank you for entering the “Because of snowboarding…” contest.

We will be announcing the winners soon. The judges are currently reviewing all the entries.


On behalf of Arbor Snowboards, 3CS Outerwear, and Boardworld, we would like to thank everyone for sharing your stories with us. We really appreciate the time and effort you put into the “Because of snowboarding…” contest.

However, there can only be one winner. The judges from Arbor Snowboards, 3CS Outerwear, and Boardworld unanimously decided that the winner is @saltyseadog. Congratulations on the win! Your video was epic and clearly showed how snowboarding has impacted your life in a positive way. shaka

Please email promo(at) to claim your prizes.


WOW!! This is amazing!! Thank you to everyone who entered, and a massive thank you to Arbour Snowboards, 3CS and Boardworld for the prizes. They will be put to good use for sure!

Ill need to book an overseas snow trip now! Maybe Japan? Haha!

Thanks again to everyone who entered, there where some amazing entries for sure. Ill see you all on the hill soon, beacause of snowboarding!! Yeeww!