GUESS & WIN 2016 - Prize Pack Valued Over $2500!


Nah, only jokin!!!!! Congrats @Jason!!!!!


Nice one Jason!!
Enjoy Yewww


So stoked with the Prize pack.



1: YES. Standard Snowboard - $799.95 **
2: Flux Team Bindings - $449.95 **
3: ThirtyTwo Rest Stop Fleece - $149.95 **
7: BW Circle Camo Hoodie - $99.00 **
8: Le Bent Crew Top - $99.95 **
9: Modest Team Goggles - $94.95 **
10:  3CS squirrel Sack SNOWBOARD BAG - $79.95 **
11: KR3W Original LS - $69.95 **
12: Audio Technica Dip in Ear $19.95 *
13: PRIMITIVE Transformers T-SHIRT - $59.95 *
14: Gnarly Tatt Facemask Balaclava - $44.95 *
15: Remind Insoles Cush - $49.95 *
16: Rad School’s out Glove - $39.95 *
17: INI Foe Beanie - $29.95 **
18: Faded Bamboo Underwear - $29.95 *
19: Modus Abec 7 SKATEBOARD BEARINGS - $54.95 *
20: DGK Stay Smokin Socks - $14.95 *

Total of $2598.10 worth of potential contraband!!!!!



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