Hi there (seeking urgent help - way over my head)

im only young and have planned my first 3 day trip to the snow leaving tomorrow! although i have been to the snow numerous times every year i have never made the 6 hour drive myself. i have recently just bought a second hand subaru outback (4 wheel drive) and keen to take it down for a lil adventure.

i am on a strict budget so have booked an unpowered site at jindy holiday park - was that a good idea? and was going to sleep in my car however I have many random questions that i shouldn’t be seeking help for less than 48 hours before I leave but thats fine.

if anyone could provide any help with these questions at all it would be greatly appreciated

1. at the moment i have a double air mattress to fit in the back of the wagon - is an air mattress a bad idea at the snow? since i cant change it now what do i do?

2. Sleeping bag or sheets and doonas?

3. with sleeping in the car, how do i go about having the car locked and also being able to breathe? do i leave the window a tiny bit open and lock it ? will snow be an issue, it is still fairly early in the season and i am staying down at jindy so is my car going to freeze or anything over night? have a fear it wont start up.

4. i have roof racks on the car - how do i use them. they are seemingly normal roof racks (rhino racks brand i think) , i dont have the key for them or any attaching ropes or anything? do i need to get particular ties because i would prefer to use them then have to sleep in the back with a snowboard and pair of skis. I also have a pod, but not quite sure if i can use that and how to install it as well.

5. is it a better idea to buy the park entry fees for three days and drive up or do i go to the ski tube every morning (i think i have a season pass so the ski tube fees are included in that right?), thinking that my car might get too cold if i parked at front valley or smiggins or something

6. am i going to be warm enough if i wear ski thermals to bed? am mainly concerned about the bedding situation going on here.

if anyone has answers to the above or any general tips for my first 6 hour commute down to the snow, it would be greatly appreciated.




Sounds like an adventure! 

1. That will be fine. The ‘air gap’ will work well as insulation from the cold car floor.

2. Sleeping bags x 2, or bag and blankets. Last time I slept in car (van) i was in a good bag inside a swag and still froze my ass off.

3. Check the news, it will be super cold these next few days. You should have anti freeze in your radiator but 99% sure you’ll be fine parked in Jindy overnight. The current product in your rad probab;y has a lil bit of AF in it anyways - stress less, you’ll be fine. Leave the windows up. Cars are not airtight. Some people I know pay for a powered site and take an electric blanket - just and idea if night no. 1 doesn’t go well smile

4. You are by yourself and have a wagon! How much crap are you taking? - just sling all your kit in the back. If you really do need to use the roof then please get some advice from someone other than some random on the internet - loosing a board off the roof at 120kph on the Hume is not cool.

5. The Tube was a $75 add on to the Epic pass. If you didn’t pay for it then the Tube will be significantly more expensive that park entry every day. That said - when the road has snow on it (v/likely on Tues and Weds) it is pretty sketchy for a first timer. Take plenty of common sense with you if you drive up.

6. It will be cold. Layers are the go. You can always take them off.

Just be careful - there is something like one fatal accident every weekend on the snow road. Wildlife is a problem from CBR to Perisher too.


thankyou so much!! this was very helpful!


Welcome to Boardworld, @ashh!

I’m sorry I didn’t get to this sooner but it looks like AJC had you covered! wink

Air mattresses work well in the snow as mentioned. I would always travel with an air mattress for years during my snow adventures. Plus, it packs up small which is always handy!

Best of luck and please let us know how your adventure goes. shaka


thanks so much for the advice !!!!

unfortunately i wasn’t able to do this last week due to certain events however will be going in 3 more weeks after some exams!!!

thanks so much for the help smile


OMG this topic and also the answers of that guy where very helpful for me the previous week when I went skiing be myself. I also took my car and slept in it for about 3 nights. Before going in my adventure I saw this thread and understood that’s it, that’s all that I really need to know and even learn by heart lol. And also the thing that helped me survive those days was my headphones for sleeping. A nice purchase guys. I purely accidentally stumbled on a website about sleeping gadgets, some articles with quite good recommendations on how to fall asleep using cooling pillow or sleep traker and so on . So highly recommend. And thanks one more time!