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Which Grovler! Need some speedy advice


Hey folks!

With out diving into all the different options of boards and suiting it to my skill level,  just after a bit of advice on which board to choose.

Got my eye on two on gumtree atm. And a bit torn.

Board 1 is a 5’6” JS Pier Pony: W- 21” 3/4, T- 2 3/4”, sitting at V- 36.3Litres

Board 2 is a 5’2” Firewire Sweet Potato: W- 21”, T- 2 3/8”, sitting at V- 32.2Litres

I have ridden a 5’10” Pier Pony which is 43.2L. Hella easy to get up on, but was way too much volume for my weight. I could hardly get the thing to dive at all under a wave.
But I did like the feel of it under my feet.

From all the reviews I’ve read I like the sound of the Sweet Potato’s ride a bit more. But worried 32L will not be quite enough. I’m still beginner/intermediate. But was able to get up and ride along the wave on the big JS.

From my readings, the JS’s square tail hinders its turning ability a bit, compared to the Sweet Potato anyway which is supposed to be pretty quick and turns well.

I’m happy with small wave board, because realistically this is what I’ll ride most the time. I have no intention in heading out into Victorian big swells. (not for the foreseeable future anyway)

Both boards usually disappear quick so hope to have a nudge in either direction pretty soon.

I’m 174cm, approx 64kg, and pretty fit.


Yo K2!!

I gotta make this super quick, I’ve never surfed either of those boards, they are both super sick. But id had to choose the fire wire. Super fun, heaps of volume to make paddling a breeze, not to mention getting to your feet. I’ve spoken to a few guys that have that board and they love it!

I’m sure you will too!! smile


Hey mate, based on your experience with the JS, I’d stick with the smaller JS!!!!!

The reason why you got waves, and why it felt stable underfoot, is that extra volume!!!!! Hence why I wouldn’t go too small with the Firewire!!!!!

There’s other factors that allow easier turns apart from tail shape, but given the JS is a Vee Bottom, it’ll allow easy rail to rail transitions!!!!!

Just keep in mind that wave count is the number one thing that will vastly improve your surfing!!!!!

And don’t be put off in regards to duck diving a bigger board, as this is one of the harder skills to learn when surfing!!!!! Practice your dives out the back in between waves while you’re waiting, and even into unbroken swell that you don’t intend to catch!!!!! Weight forward, push down hard into the water, then transition all your weight to the back of the board in order to let the nose take over as the lead as the boyancy takes over!!!!! Try keeping the board level, and at a small angle in order for it to make a slower smoother rise to the back of the swell!!!!!

Tequniqe is the winner when it comes to duck diving!!!!! It will also lengthen you sessions because you’ll exert a lot less energy gettin back out to the break!!!!! This will in turn increase your wave count!!!!!

Hope this makes sense?????

Sorry if the above rant wasn’t needed!!!!!


Thanks guys! Yeh as much as I want a sweet potato or baked potato I feel like this one is on the small side for my current skills. More volume will be the key.
But now that I decided on the JS today it sold under my feet. Grrrrr!
Back to shopping and waiting


Did you end up finding anything K2?


Hey mate

@NBG  Ended up with the 5’2” Sweet Potato. Prob a bit small for my standard now. Bit unsteady paddling because its so small, but thats just me getting used to it. Gotta time my paddle and take off a bit more as it doesnt have the huge luxury of volume.

Still keeping my eyes out for something a bit bigger and a good bargin. But for now it is getting me in the water