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DHD EpoxiCore - The Game Changer


Surfboards are forever changing.  From twin fins to thrusters, wooden planks to foam and fibreglass. As the sport of surfing evolves, technology advances, the boards keep adapting to accommodate higher performance.

Darren Handley, one of the greatest surfboard shapers in the modern age has decided to “rule everything in.” Darren and his tech team have developed a new breed of surfboard that will potentially change the way boards are shaped forever, combining the best attributes of poly and epoxy construction.

“We have produced a revolutionary new surfboard construction combining the positive attributes of both traditional fibreglass and epoxy,” Handley writes in an Instagram post. “The result, a surfboard that truly stands alone.”

Mick Fanning, Jack Freestone and the ever so lovely Stephanie Gilmore have had the privilege of being the test team.

The EpoxiCore is centred around weight distribution.  While typical epoxy boards have a tendency to resist connecting with waves during critical turns, EpoxiCore controlled flex has a spring release sensation to it.  The new design provides the control necessary to up the radicality of manoeuvres, especially when it comes to putting the board on rail. Mick, Jack and Steph, after many test runs, concluded that they had a winner; a board that’ll provide the average surfer with more confidence and bring about a new surfing experience. Which is something the everyday recreational surfer could use more of.

“I’ve been lucky enough to be the tester for this new revolutionary piece of equipment and all I can say is this board will change everything,” Jack said in a recent post on IG.

Darren and his team claim this is the next big thing in surfing,  and here at Boardworld we’re well inclined to believe it.


Thanks for the post, Aaron! ?

I’ve had fibreglass and epoxy surfboards — and both have their benefits. This sounds incredibly interesting. Can’t wait to hear more about it. Great stuff!