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GUESS & WIN 2015 — Prize Pack Valued Over $2500!




The 2015 Guess & Win is going to be huge! One lucky winner is going to be grinning ear-to-ear when he or she walks away with this monster prize pack. Trust us, you’re going to be stoked! Someone has to win and we will keep dropping clues until someone does.

We have pre-selected 12 to 18 items which are for sale in the Boardworld Store, and valued over $2500 in total. The first person to guess all items correctly will win everything on the list! We will be dropping clues constantly, and revealing items as time goes on. So keep your eyes on this thread and make sure you put in daily entries. You are allowed one guess per day until someone wins.

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully.


1: There are between 12 and 18 items.
2: The total prize pack is valued over $2500 (at regular pricing before member discount).
3: The items are varied. There are snowboarding and skateboarding products in there.
4: one of the brands has two items. All other brands have one item.
5: There is a snowboard in there.


You don’t need to tell us the size or colour of the items. You only need to give us the brand and model/style.

Look through all the categories and products in the store. Become familiar with what’s in there.

The key to winning this game (unless you get lucky) is checking in daily and keeping up-to-date with the clues.

Make sure you put in an entry every day! You are increasing your chance of winning by playing daily.


You must reply to this thread with your guess. This thread is the only method we will be accepting entries.

The values are based on the RRP of each item, i.e, the full price (not discounted price).

If an item is showing “out of stock” it is still valid for the game. If an “out of stock” product is one of the selected items it has already been put aside for the purpose of this contest.

The first person to guess all items correctly will win the entire prize pack. We will do our very best to accommodate you with the sizing you want, but this is pending availability from our stock and the suppliers.

We won’t be replying to every entry to tell you whether you were correct or not. Rather we will reply with clues from time to time, and also an announcement as soon as someone wins.

As we reveal items, we will edit this post to include them in the post below this one. Keep an eye out for this!

Once items are revealed, you still need to include them in your guess. You need to list all the items to win.

We will make every effort to accommodate the winner to give them items in their size and for their gender. For example, if the snowboard is a men’s snowboard and the winner is female, we will swap it for a women’s board.

You are only allowed one guess each day as determined by the AEST time zone (Sydney time), resetting daily at midnight. Any additional entries will be ignored for that day, even if you guess correctly. Those are the rules and we will be sticking to them.

Due to international shipping restrictions, we can only ship the prizes to an Australian postal address. Anyone can enter, but we can only ship the prizes within Australia.



additional clues

6: The snowboard is from YES. Snowboards.
7: One of the prizes is a set of Now Bindings.
8: Total value of the prize pack is between $2500 and $2750.
9: There is a skateboard deck in the prize pack. You want to be looking at Deathwish Skateboards.
10: There is both a jacket and pant (outerwear) in the prize pack. This is the category with two products from the one brand.
11: There are exactly 16 prizes in the prize pack.
12: Not in the prize pack: trucks, hardware (bolts), and griptape in the prize pack.
13: In the prize pack: skateboard deck, wheels, and bearings are in the prize pack.
14: One of the items above (from clue #13) is from an Australian brand.
15: In the prize pack: one pair of shoes.
16: INI is the outerwear brand — both jacket and pant
17: There are 4 products from 4 different Australian brands
18: There is a hoodie in the prize pack
19: You want to look at the phone lens kits page.
20: Clues 17 and 19 are related.
21: In the prize pack: men’s pants (clothing), snowboard gloves, snowboard socks, shoes
22: You want to look at audio-technica.
23: You want to look at Supra.
24: The hoodie is from ThirtyTwo.
25: The INI pant is not the Ranger Pant.
26: You want to look at SML Wheels.
27: The audio-technical product is one of the Sports models.
28: Mizu Water Bottles and 3CS Outerwear do NOT have any products in the contest.
29: The SML Wheels are one of the following: Herrington 53mm, Gillette 52mm, or Amrani 52mm.
30: The Supra Shoes are one of the following: Pistol, Hammer, Avex.
31: There are no sunglasses in the prize pack.
32: There are Modus bearings in the prize pack, and they have an Abec number in the name.
33: The casual pants are from KR3W.
34: Aussie brands: Social Fisheye, Modest, Modus, Le Bent
35: There are gloves in the prize pack—no mitts
36: In the prize pack: Swix Wax

Product reveal #1

YES. Jackpot snowboard. A true twin park machine and highly versatile! CamRock profile, sintered base, MidBite outline, full poplar core, and of course the industry’s only lifetime warranty!

Ladies, if you win, we can swap you for the YES. Emoticon — a female-specific true twin park board with CamRock profile and a lifetime warranty.

Product reveal #2

The Now Drive snowboard binding had its big debut last year and the response has been staggering. This binding is the foundation for that all-mountain freerider seeking a stiffer binding with quick response and strong support.

Ladies, we can swap you out for the Now IPO or another female-specific binding.

Product reveal #3

The INI Mellow Marsh Jacket. This puffy jacket is perfect for super cold days and wearing around town. A must have for cold climates such as Japan.

product reveal #4

The Deathwish Giant Gang Logo skateboard deck comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

Product Reveal #5

KR3W Classic Denim - Raw


Does the Day start/finish at 12:00 midnight AEST?????


Too easy, I’ll get my spreadsheet out again…......


Stamford Kid! This ones for you! Get in before Azz this year!

Azz - 09 August 2015 08:10 AM

Too easy, I’ll get my plastic bedsheet out again…......


Mizu Kuma - 09 August 2015 08:05 AM

Does the Day start/finish at 12:00 midnight AEST?????

Correct. thumbsup


So it’s more than $2500, but less than ?????

This would be a nice clue!!!!!


First guess. You may as well give me the prize right now raspberry


if i write a bot to scan bw store and do maths for me does it count smile


Should be fine. Since it’s over $2500, not $2500 exactly.
There are special clues that would be hard to program into your bot - 2 of 1 brand and 1 of other brands
So many different combinations. We know there is a snowboard but which of the 20 or so has Jez chose?


Are the items that are currently Out Of Stock in the Store are still included in this contest or we are to assume that they are not?

Box Head - 09 August 2015 06:42 AM

If an item is showing “out of stock” it is still valid for the game. If an “out of stock” product is one of the selected items it has already been put aside for the purpose of this contest.


haha i blame it on pretty solid hangover - Terms and Conditions seemed too long to read haha


899.99 Yes Standard
449.96 Now Drive
349.96 Dragon APXS
119.96 ASS Armor Snowboard Impact shorts
319.96 3CS Chronolog Mens snowbaord jacket - Indigo
159 Sandbox Classic Snow Helmet
39.96 Blackstrap Hood Balaclava
Total - 2923.62

Dolph - 09 August 2015 12:05 PM

haha i blame it on pretty solid hangover - Terms and Conditions seemed too long to read haha

Wouldn’t say that if they were written in Russian!!!!!