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Burton ‘Southern Hemisphere’ comp winner? :)

HEY guys,
my first post on Boardworld! Yewww
Just wondering if anyone can tell me if the Burton ‘Southern Hemisphere’ Custom board competition has been drawn yet??
I’m so keen to know haha!


The winner was announced a few minutes ago…

Click on ‘Current Promotions’... then ‘Snowboard Winner’.


it was the very lucky evan Lehepuu :D


Congratulations to Evan Lehepuu.

Have fun on your new board!!


I think if you have not posted on the forum yet you cant win! I demand a recount….


Just to update…

Evan has contacted me. Just got off the phone to him. He is stoked and will be joining the community soon.

Sorry if you missed out on this one… many more prizes to give away.


Hey there, just got a call from the boys at boardworld, i was the lucky winner.
I was told there was about 6000 entries, so im one lucky guy.
(Lets hope the luck keeps up for tonights $90million powerball smile

Obvioulsy havent got the board yet, but should do in the next couple of days.
Not sure yet if its going to get used.
I currently ride an ‘07 Custom so i know what they are lke.
But i also have a 1991 Burton Craig Kelly Air up on my wall at home and i think this would go nicely up there along side of it.

I’ll post some pics of it when i get it.



congratulations!!! you have got to be stoked with that for sure….


Hey man, congratulations!
Welcome to the Bw community!


jealous mate that you got it, but congrats!


Hey Evan,

Welcome to Boardworld and congrats on the WIN.. The board looks awesome.. alot of jealous people in the Boardworld community..



Picked up my Limited Edition board today from the lovely guys at Burton.
Thanks also to everyone here at Boardworld for the prize.
I’ll post some pics tonight.

Now the only question remains, do i ride it, or is it worthy of just putting on the wall?


I`d ride it..for a while anyway….That`s what stuff is for…Just avoid the rocks..


Pics of the Limited Edition i won.
Thanks again to the guys here at boardworld and Burton


Hey Evan, looks awesome! Congratulations and enjoy your board (whether on the snow or your wall).

I was wondering what colour the base would be.

Thanks for posting photos. smile


Old School VS New School
1991 Craig Kelly and 2009 Custom Ltd Ed