Arbor Snowboards Reviews



I hope that this review reflects how good my new Shreddy is gonna be in Japow this feb!!!!!

And I see there’s one 159 for sale in the store!!!!!


Arbor Westmark 157w Review

I purchased the Arbor Westmark 157w a few months back and have been riding it since. Really stoked on the fast delivery and quality of the product!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, never having riden an Arbor before.  I was actually quite surprised this board rides really well! It has great pop, locks presses amazingly and also holds an edge really well due to the grip-tech edges.

I ride this board in front valley park at perisher pretty much everyday and it handles all the features with ease, from double kinks to the bottom jump. Also got the chance to take it out on a few pow days this year and the rockered profile gives it great float in the pow.

BOTTOM LINE: I would recommend this board to anyone who likes to lap the park hard all day long, but also likes to cut a few laps out of the park on pow days

Here’s a shot of me taking the Arbor for a lap in Front Valley Park


I’m on my 2nd Arbor Draft and my husband is on his 3rd one. Such a playful board. Absolutely love it!

We are both Arbor converts now. 100%!

will be interested to see how it handles Japow in Jan/Feb ‘15. We both ride pretty short boards for the skatey feel. Hopefully setting it back a little bit will be sufficient for the deeper stuff that we’ll hopefully spend many days navigating our way through! grin