The grab directory


The folks at crab grab have set up a grab directory over at twsnow.
It’s pretty awesome and they have vid showing them all.
The cookie monster is amazing!!
grab directory


yoyo peeps! I was going for a melon grab today (trying to progress to a method) and a bought my board up higher and reached further than expected and was not anticipating. What happened was my front hand slid past the melon grab to the toe edge of my board from underneath (I was probs being really lazy) and my fingers slid past my toe edge (allowing me to grab where I would for a mute) but I was not anticipating this so I didn’t grab and my hand just slid back over the edge and I didn’t actually do any grab.

My question is, if I do this again and on purpose and anticipate the grab and actually get the grab. What would this be called?


So you’re grabbing your toeside edge with your front hand, going behind your heelside edge and underneath the board to your toeside edge?

I actually have no idea, but I’d love to see it done haha!


Exactly! Except I didn’t actually grab because I wasn’t expecting it to happen :( and only realized I could have grabbed after it was too late…

In other exciting grab news I landed my first method today and did my first grab riding off a box!


Nice work, mate! thumbsup


This is my go to for grabs!

Yeww, my fav grab just has to have a big old boned out shifty in it.

Thepowpow - 12 January 2016 01:21 PM

In other exciting grab news I landed my first method today

Thats whats up ^^ good hustle!

Nice grab graphic stella, last season I remember trying to get a stale and I kept grabbing in the no grab zone..  Kook life.. relaxed relaxed