Dakine Reviews


I bought one of these last season, great little tool for adjustments on the hill.
Its super small and fits easily into your pocket. I love it because of this, nothing worse than a big tool in your pocket when you go down, they always get you. I wear 3CS pants, they have a little hook in the pocket, so I have it hooked to that via the keyring so I won’t lose it. shaka

Great price too, highly recommend.



Thanks for the feedback, Azz. It’s a great little tool to keep in your pocket.

We just received a big shipment of Dakine backpacks, gloves, POV cases, snowboard tools, and tuning tools. Here’s a selection of some of the new backpacks, including the Heli Pro 20L, Heli Pro DLX 24L, Trail Photo 16L, Point Wet / Dry (waterproof wetsuit pocket), and Campus 33L.