Canada vs. Japan - which would you choose and why?


My husband and I are planning another to go on another snow holiday in late January next year and are currently struggling to decide between Canada and Japan. Considering we are having so much trouble choosing, I thought I’d get some input from the experts!

The main draw for me with Canada is that it’s somewhere I’ve never been before and have always wanted to go. Plenty of opportunity for day trips (would love to see Seattle) which is also a really big bonus. Having never really snowboarded in powder I am not sure how me and the husband would go tackling Japan snow and Canada may be better suited to us in that regard?

On the other hand I have been to Japan before (not in winter) and absolutely loved the place and the people (not to mention the food). I imagine it would be cheaper than Canada which is also a bonus.

I was hoping that you guys that have boarded in Canada or Japan could share some of your experiences about it.. what did you like best, what were the pro’s and con’s etc. If you had to choose between the two which would you pick and why?



I’ve never boarded in either place, but I’ve been to Japan and am going to Canada with my family in tow this coming Dec/Jan.  We’ve had to recently consider the best place for us to go as a family, including Japan, USA and Canada.  I guess the obvious pros and cons would be:

+ likely better snow, depending which resort
+ cheaper, shorter flights
+ less jet lag
+ potential for more unique cultural experience

+ longer runs
+ seems more family friendly
+ no language barrier
+ appears to have cheaper commercial accommodation

I’ve been told that there may be less in Japanese resorts to keep the kids amused while not actually skiing/riding during a longer stay.  We also looked at US resorts but the Aussie dollar isn’t buying such great value there at present, although they are pitching hard with some ticketing deals like the Aspen Ski30 thing.  We have been able to find some very decent airfares (just over $6K for the 4 of us, return all the way from Melb to Kamloops), and have found the accommodation pricing in Canada to be very competitive.  Looking through all the brochures we picked up from the Snow Travel Expo, Japanese accommodation doesn’t seem to be any cheaper than the rest of the world and looks a more expensive than Canada, surprisingly.  This means for a longer stay, Canada starts to make sense since the accommodation savings begin to balance out the airfares.  On the other hand, if you can find budget accommodation in Japan, you might do well.  If it were just me and the wife for a shorter stay, I’d definitely look at Japan, but for us Canada makes more sense.

I wouldn’t be afraid of the powder, just hire a pow board and go for it!


Oh gosh!

Million dollar question!

I wouldn’t worry about the powder in either place.

Groomers are well maintained but you can do sneaky side hits to get your confidence up.

Reading your post it sound like Canada is up there for you - do it.

TJ will be there somewhere and there is a good crew at Whistler too… go to japan and delay Canada means that there might not be other in Canada (if visiting others is even in consideration)

If the money is in your mind - then go to Canada whilst you think you can afford it!


Thanks guys, a lot of good points in there.

I think I am leaning towards Canada. As much as I loved Japan, I can never pass up the opportunity to go somewhere new! Always a bonus to have people to catch up and shred with as well!


Both great places to visit and shred. You’re going to have a great time regardless of where you visit.

I would encourage you to visit Canada as you haven’t been there before. It’s truly a beautiful country, great to travel for many reasons, and the mountains are epic. There’s a lot of options on where you can shred, and usually the snow is pretty great as well. Not to mention, there’s a lot of us over there. If you make it to Whistler, we will definitely catch up and show you a great time. I think you should come and visit. wink


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