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So stoked on everyones purchases! They all look like killer boards!

That Shreddy :drools:

The Yes 2020 looks so cool. I’d love to hear how the hull rides. Might be my next board in a year or two after I’ve given my new 420 a beating!


YES 420 2016 is my latest

So stoked on this board! Dont know when I’ll next get to use it in some proper pow, but I had to have it!

The model before was prob my all time fav design…. until I saw this one. Thought I would like it as much as the last one with the big blue nose, but this one has grown on me more and more.

BW service was above excellent as per usual. Great updates on the shipping and costs. Was delivered quickly and safely once it arrived in the country.

It even had my proper name on the package instead of something like “Brad Shitz Izpants"or somethin like that LOL
Gear Head obviously doesnt know the drill yet wink

The product looks awesome and is amazingly put together. As expected. Its taken me a long time to by a YES but so glad I have.

Bring on the good times rocker


Haha it’s like Christmas around here!

Out of interest, what’s the main difference between the 2020 and 420?


Don’t quote me but 2020 is true twin. Slightly different shape.

Main difference is the 2020 has a “hull” not a flat base. In the nose and tail it has concave shape top ill more snow under and shoot it thru. Kinda like fins on a surfboard


oh i like that artwork more than mine, wanna swap, only been ridden in japow for 2 weeks smilesmile

Mudhoney - 19 May 2015 08:09 PM

Haha it’s like Christmas around here!

Out of interest, what’s the main difference between the 2020 and 420?

The main difference is the 420 is directional (tapered and set back like a traditional powder board) while the 20/20 is a true twin.

Beyond that, the 20/20’s 3D Powder Hull is truly innovative and unique. Its concaved nose and tail draws air under the hull and expels snow out the back; floating the nose and dropping the tail — whether you are riding in your normal stance or switch.


Burton Fix from a few years back had concave in the nose and tail, but there for different reasons.


You’re thinking of the “spoon” — totally different. The spoon essentially just lifted the nose and tail edges off the snow for easier pressing. The 20/20’s concaved 3D Powder Hull is completely different. These images might explain it better.

Also, Amine explained it well in another thread:

amine - 04 March 2015 11:59 AM

Hey guys - the 20/20 actually has two distinct base profiles to it;

= The outer profile (so the base profile down the boards edges) is predominantly flat, with a small amount of rocker at the contact points.

= The inner profile (so the base profile down the center of the board) is flat between the feet, and then quite rockered in the tip & tail (which is what is very evident in the concave of the POWDER HULL). 

I have a video link that I will get uploaded (I might need your help Jez!) that has a very clear explanation from THE MAN who designed the 20/20 (Alex Warbuton), but in the meantime, don’t hesitate to hit me up if there are any more questions on this board.  And quantities are very limited so if your keen make sure you confirm it with Jez asap.

PS - I cant stress enough that you need to BELIEVE THE HYPE on this one.  This tech is very relevant to the future of snowboard designs, and there are lots of companies that are trying to implement it in there W17 lines.  And believe me when I say that it works (I’ve ridden it, and having a TWIN with that much float in pow is a very very VERY cool thing)


3D Powder Hull Explanation by YES. Snowboards:

While filming for Absinthe in Jackson Hole last winter, Romain and Austen spelled out their demands for a board that could ride powder as well as the 420 does, but in a twin configuration that would float that well in either direction. This began an intense design and development path that led us to one of the most mindbending boards you’ll ever see. The outline is unique. A wide, short twin with nose and tail shapes that look more like a wake or kiteboard than a snowboard. But tilt that 2 dimensional view and you see why it’s the 3D perspective that really defines this board. Deep, pronounced concaves dominate both ends of the base and are the secret to its twin floatation prowess. On hard-pack it’s just a short, wide, super fun twin.

Inspired by the legacy of Bob Simmons and the interpretive work of Hydrodynamica, motivated by the modern planning hull designs of Daniel Thomson.

The 3D POWDER HULL is a pretty mind-bending concept that really needs to be seen – and touched – to understand. It’s a true twin that floats better than most directional powder specific boards.

The 3D Powder Hull starts with a base profile that combines 2 distinct rocker lines that, when blended together, create a pronounced base concave in the nose and tail. Out at the contact edges (1), is a more conventional base profile that we use on many of our other boards. However the centerline (2) is fully rockered starting from the insert packs, all the way to the tips of the bluntly shaped nose and tail. The resultant concave across the nose and tail acts differently at the leading end of the board than it does at the trailing end when riding in deep snow. At the leading end (nose), the concave draws air under the board causing lift and floatation – just as the concaved spoon-nose on a longboard does in the surf. As the snow moves across the base it releases off the exaggerated rocker line at the tail along the center, causing the tail to drop.

So even though it’s a perfectly balanced twin, the board rides through deep snow with the same pitch, or planing angle, that we get with directional shapes and set-back stances.


We have finally received permission to release this video. Watch this for an explanation from YES. product designer Alex Warburton. Hit us up with any questions! Note: there is very limited stock of these boards available.


I have just started a new discussion thread dedicated to the YES. 20/20 Snowboard.

If you have any specific questions on this snowboard or the 3D Powder Hull, please ask here.


Heya everyone,

My order just arrived and I couldn’t be happier…

That is a 159W YES Basic purchased from the store here at Boardworld with Sky & Earth Burton Cartel Bindings and Burton Mat Studs… Now my little 2 cents about the whole process and a little about the board…

Firstly the whole purchasing and contact process was very very easy and very personal, not to mention professional. I got contact almost straight away with the information about my purchase and the following procedures that would be taken to get my board straight into my hand. The boardworld staff were very helpful with the many questions and queries I had about the board before making a purchase, everything I would ever need to know was right at my finger tips.

The turn around on my messages was within a few hours, no waiting a week to hear back. The board was sent 2 days before I received it, with a journey from Melbourne (I believe) to the Gold Coast, it was very speedy and arrived in perfect condition. The packaging protected the board very well and I have no doubt in the safety of the board while it was in transit.

I unpacked the board and immediately was pleased with my purchase, the graphics hit me first and while basic it still looks very nice and stands out on the white. The second thing to really stand out once I got my hands on the board was the build quality, very firm and solid but still has the flex you want, very good build quality indeed. The factory wax is a nice way to get things started and is very smooth to the touch.

Being my first board since just the hire boards, it is an awesome step up and I felt like a kid at christmas once more. I could’t help but put my bindings and studs on and stick it in my nice big Burton Board Bag. With less then a month now until I leave (13th June I leave) I am very very excited and more then happy to give a detailed write-up about how the board goes. Both my girlfriend and myself will have goPros and I would be more then happy to even give a little video mashup of the board and its performance on a beginner to intermediate rider.

Once again I cannot thank the Boardworld staff enough for their help and I would easily recommend Boardworld to anyone looking for some great gear, amazing support and an awesome community.


nice, shoeless.  I demo’ed an earlier year’s Basic at Hotham last season and loved it.


Awesome write up Shoeless (hope you bought boots though). The warehouse is in Sydney but still 2 days for interstate is an awesome turn around. Totally agree that Jeremy is super responsive. Even when it’s just me bugging him with weird and random questions wink


Yea I got boots, well I got all my gear now smile

He is very helpful and as you said even the 2 days from Sydney is really good.