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360 Degree HD Video Camera


Somebody showed me this camera this morning. I think it’s been done before but I’ve never really seen it.

So the idea is the camera captures a 360 degree field of view, then during playback you see a normal FOV, but you can pan around the video as you play back. It take pano still shots too. Plus it mounts on all your GoPro mounts. Has this been done before?

Really cool idea. Not sure how well it would work in snow sports, but I can see it working really well for someone into motorsports for example.



when i was in japan i saw some similar cameras to these in a camera store, was really weird and kinda cool but no enough for me to fork out my hard earned yenners for


KT used something like this with Torah Bright to capture a run down Thredbo.

Will look for the link later.