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5 Tips for Snowboard Chicks — Snowboard Addiction


Snowboarding for girls is not the same as for guys. In this video Natalie takes you through a few tips that will help you girls improve your riding in the park and have fun on your snowboards.

The keys points are:

Ride with a group of friends that you feel comfortable with. This will make you forget about what other think and help you focus on your riding and having fun. Find some good friends that can help, push you and get you stoked.

Don’t care what people think. Find your confidence, and go try out the park. It doesn’t matter if you fall, people will give you credit for trying, and girls riding park are awesome.

Bailing is a natural step towards getting better. So don’t worry about falling. Just try until you get it right. Practice makes perfect.

Setting goals will help you improve your riding a lot. Think about what you want to achieve and write it down. This will give you a clear picture of what you need to go out and do each day you are on the mountain.

Last but not least. Snowboarding is all about having fun. Find your best friends and hit the park for an awesome time. Forget what other people think and let yourself have a good time. Snowboarding is the best!

Hope this will give all you girls some extra drive to ride park on your snowboard.

And as always..
Our Goal Is To Improve Your Riding!

Location: Whistler Blackcomb
Riders: Natalie Sagar
Filming/Editing: Mads Petersen