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Win the Ultimate Australia Day Party from Yuki Threads and PPP



This Australia Day, win the ultimate summer shred party at your place! Yuki Threads and PowderPak Parks are packing up the truck — bringing the terrain park, the barbie, food, drinks, and good times right to your door! This will be an Australia Day you will never forget.

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Yuki Threads — We don’t sell clothes. We are a lifestyle, shredding with crew, laughing uncontrollably after an epic line, supporting our local communities and most importantly enjoying life!… Oh, did we mention we make really sick gear? Follow Yuki Threads on Facebook.

PowderPak Parks is Australia’s first artificial snow surface indoor terrain park with permanent features for snowboarders to ride all year round. Follow PowderPak Parks on Facebook.


An Australia Day party thrown by Yuki Threads and PPP at the location of your choice (see terms and conditions). The prize will include a full PPP terrain park setup, and a BBQ with food and drinks for you and your mates.


We want to party with the crew that will make the most out of this setup, so tell us:

• Where you want to host the party.
• What you’re going to bring to the party.
• Why we should party with you and your crew this Australia Day.
• Add a photo of you shredding for a bonus point.
• Add a photo of you and your mates partying for another bonus point.

You must reply to this thread for a valid entry. This contest ends on Wednesday, January 21st, at midnight AEST.


• You must reply to this thread for a valid entry.
• The location for the party must be within 100kms from Melbourne.
• Alcohol will not be supplied. You must supply your own booze if you want.
• This contest ends on Wednesday, January 21st, at midnight AEST. The winner will be announced the next day.
• The winner will be chosen by the team at Yuki Threads and PPP.
• By entering this content you consent to the party being hosted at your proposed location.

You only have a few days to enter so get on it now! Good luck and have a great Australia Day. punch


Great Idea for a giveaway!

Shame I wont be in Melbourne or even Australia.

I will be partying hard in Utah baby!


If this was in Sydney I could put a definite good bid in for it.. too bad its in Mexico… :(


so if i win the best prize ever the party will be held in geelong at big bennys place where australia day happens! there will be lamb beer cricket pools yes poolS! and of course the hottest 100! here are some pics of me shredding at buller and some partying. oh and the slip n slide we built for last years oz day ( big benny got 10 stitches in his foot) this party will not disappoint!

we hope tp see you australia day!


Welcome to Boardworld, dankent. cool grin

I fixed the YouTube video for you. You can click EDIT to see how I did it.


Yo! We would host this party at my place as we are already planning to have an aussie day bash!! With our guest list already pushing 40 it will sure be a great time and if you guys came you would be joining the party not bringing it. You guys should party with us because it will be a loose time and love a shred.

This is a photo from one of the many peak parties we had when in whistler.

this is a photo of me jumping a fence one day.

This one is of me stamping out a booter at yet again another peak party.

And this one is after slaying some pow and just reflecting on the how great it was!!

Hope to see you on Australia Day!!!


Guys!! Hit us up with the party!!!!! We are having a BBQ WITH A CONFIRMED 40 people going

We’d love to all have a shred on Aussie day, get on down and listen to the top 100, ride and ski and just have a wicked one!
I’d love to take some photos too!
My photo of Lee smallman absolutely sending a back roady it up at buller

Here’s one of andrew Maz chucking a tweaked back 3!

My gosh australia days gonna be awesome if you guys show up!!


Goodluck guys! I would feel quilty for entering.. Can’t wait to shred PPP again soon!

Such a rad prize!



You are invited to the the first annual Yuki Threads and PPP Australia Day Shred-Apaloosa!

My parents house in Ferny Creek.
Plenty of parking, a big backyard on a perfect slope and a nice clean pool!

What you need to bring:
PPP terrain park, BBQ, meat and your boardies!

What I will supply:
Besides the perfect venue.. I will also be supplying enough boots and boards for all, an endless amount of beers, good vibes and of course some bikini models. And it goes without saying that Triple J’s Hottest 100 will be cranking all day!

Here’s just a few photos of my snow pals and I getting it done

Hope to see ya’s all there!!


Damn, I think I’ll be in melbourne for Australia day.. but I have a strange feeling that the hotel wouldn’t be too happy about it raspberry good luck to those of you who can actually enter looks like great fun, I might have to just visit one of the permanent installations around.


Haha just find out the address of the winner and crash their party wink


I think you should bring the Ultimate Australia Day Party to Falls Creek, Victoria!
The Summit chairlift will be spinning in the Village Bowl this weekend for mountain bikers and we have the perfect spot, ready to go for a Powderpak Park as well!!

We will bring: a heap of people who love to snowboard (and ski too I guess smile), BBQs, plenty of drinks, loud music, sunshine and the best attitudes in Australia.

Why: Why us and why Falls Creek you say? Because we are the people who work our butts off all Winter and barely get any time out on the real snow because we are flat out working to give everyone else a great time. Some of us aren’t lucky enough to move to Japan/US/Canada/Europe for the Northern Winter and we have to stay behind and hold the fort and get ready for the next snow season. We have earnt this! It’s our time to let our hair down, enjoy the sport we love and relax in the sun (and yes I have checked the forecast - the weather will be perfect!)

Shredding it up!....

Some of us Falls Creekians partying hard last season…

How can you say no to this little man? He can’t wait to bust out his snowboard again on Australia Day!...



FALLS CREEK! In fact there should be a permanent PPP here all year round. Something to think about maybe? To the party I shall bring every falls frother around. Why should you come here? because we all love the lifestyle that much we can’t even bring ourselves to move off the hill at the end of each season.


Australia day party should be at Milch @ falls creek. It’s the central hangout for locals and dogs a like. Kids ride their bikes to the door and the doggies have their own water. Even though we are more than 100kms from Melbourne, we still think we could rock out his party. Triple j on the radio, the bbq cranked, all the kids and dogs doing their thing. It could only be added to if you guys came along!


Howdy legends,

Would love to have you lads over for a Australia day party. Got a few of the fellas and ladies coming over for a few beers and a bit of a bbq, good times a head. grouse backyard for ya set up. most of us are moderate boarders and skiers. Get down and have a beer with us

Unfortunately I don’t have any snaps there on my pc but please do drop in down to Greensborough for a ripper day


Hosting this extravaganza at Falls Creek, I shall be bringing my camera to capture the moments of sheer enjoyment… I mean the reason is clear.. why wouldn’t you want to slide in the alpine mountains in summer!! Novelty!!