Old Newbie


Looser trucks may feel weird at first, and hard to get ur balance initially, but ultimately you will have a quicker learning curve. I like them loose because its easier to control the amount of turn you want. Tight trucks makes it feel like you are on a freight train and if you wanna turn, the board just keeps going. Thats my experience anyway.

Just play around and see what feels best for you.
Dont nessicarly have them floppy stupid loose. Just enough to be able to move as freely as you want to. The wobbles will go.


Sorry I am late into this discussion, but winter season has now kicked in and things have been mental at work.
I am glad that you have gotten yourself a setup and listen to the advice of everyone with grabbing some quality trucks. Age is nothing to do with skateboarding, having fun and enjoying the shred is more important.
With Indy trucks, one upgrade that helps are Bones bushings (mediums). Good rebound and stable, so gives you turn and feels really stable.
I hope this helps and by the way, welcome to Boardworld.


Thanks, CJ. Have been having fun so far. Haven’t been ale to do any tricks as yet and the fall i had 2 weeks ago at the skate park is still affecting my left knees but otherwise, I’m still skating whenever possible to get used to my new board. Looking forward to improving further.


You will need to build up the muscles you use skateboarding but once that happens look out world! I run my trucks on mid tightness only because I like riding transitions at the park. If they loose it’s like jelly.


Far out! All I can say is keep skating on a regular basis to keep your skill level there and growing.

I havent skated the past two months after I broke my hand and WOW I feel so stale and like a complete numpty again.
Though I did lock into one of the best BS Smiths ive done on transition LOL everything else was shit. even my ollies haha


Hi K2,

Hope you recover fast. I had a couple of falls so far and they do hurt…and trust me, you are wayyyy better than me as a complete noobie. Haven’t managed to ollie as yet since the last fall 2-3 weeks back but have been practicing to get confidence in the control of my board. So far I’m confident with the general control and just want to learn to build up speed and be comfortable with it. Think once I get that done, I want to go back into the skate park and practice getting the feel of a fakie.


Hey people,
New to the forum.
Been on and off skating more or less since 95, unfortunately now I’m 38 it’s less than more.

Have however discovered Regency skatepark near work, wondered if anyone from SA was on here that skated said park and had any advice (best times to skate it, days/times to steer clear).

Rode past it last night and it looks glorious, way better than what I grew up on in the UK.
Really keen to have a go.