Low Guidos Skate-a-tron 4000 (electric skateboard)


Oh and the production of Skate-A-Tron’s continues.

There is quite a stack in my bedroom at the moment.


oh, and just for anyone who is interested, I have started a facebook group for electric skaters in and around the Canberra area, so that we can get to know each other and meet up and what not.
Join the FB group if you are interested.



well it has been a roller coaster non snow season, and this electric skateboard thing has kinda consumed me.
I have just constantly been making more and more and exploring new technologies to improve on older designs.
there has been a Boom of mass produced motorized skateboards flooding the market as of late but most of them are pretty disappointing in the performance department.
I will continue to make only the finest carbon fibre and maple hybrid motorized death sticks for people who genuinely desire the need to street their face at 40km/h.

and you can check me out on insta #skateatron


Mate, this is a fantastic project.  I’ve been following it for a bit and you’re starting to get some really nice looking electric board design going!

Suggestion for you, get these available as an option:


Good cross between large 8” AT wheels and standard 8cm streeties, 10cm diameter and can hit grass, dirt etc.

Keep up the awesome work mate, if I was in Canberra I’d definitely be up for a cruise!


Thanks mate,
if you are ever in the neighborhood I’m always keen for a skate.
hell if anyone wants to have a crack let me know.. I got plenty of spares.


Hell yeah, @LowGuido! Thanks for the update. That deck in your most recent post looks awesome! And that’s quite the quiver you’re building up hahaha. shaka


Hey I noticed you’re using dual-wheel drive - what’s your range like on the LiPO batteries?


so here’s a list of drive systems I have tested:
single rear drive, dual rear drive, dual diagonal drive, uneven dual rear drive, dual direct hub drive, and single direct hub drive.

there are pros and cons to every setup. here is what i have personally found:

single wheel drive
pros: light weight, economical, long range, simple.
cons: low on torque, not so great on loose surfaces, hard carving on the offside can lose traction.

Dual rear drive
pros: awesome torque, good hill climber, good for heavier riders. no traction problems.
cons: heavy, uses more battery, need wider trucks, more expensive.

Dual diagonal drive
if you set it up heelside rear and toeside front this makes the ultimate carving machine!
pros: same as dual rear except you can use narrow trucks.
cons: same as dual rear.

uneven dual drive
this involves the combination of a big motor and a small motor (in power not size)
this is like a twin turbo high speed boost super fast!
pros: low end torque combined with high end speed, super fast!!
cons: expensive, heavy, still only roughly equivalent to single drive torque.

direct hub drive
as far as I can tell so far these are king!!
pros: loads of torque, no belts to skip or snap, and looks a bit more normal
cons: needs Higher voltage, heavy, large diameter is starting to get a bit too big for my liking.

in terms of distance my single drive daily gets me 22km distance and a top speed of around 35km/h.
I have clocked up around 800km on it since the first post in this thread and its still going strong, I have replaced 2 or 3 belts and one motor cog, and 2 shafts along the way. just general maintenance. after all its a skateboard and it gets thrashed.
all in all it has been pretty solid.


That’s a great summary!


Just incase anyone out there is keen on building thier own Skate-A-Tron or similar type board. I have just found out that the direct drive hub motors are on sale at the moment for a Mad discount.  Im a little bummed I paid full price!


well it’s been like 3 years since I first stared this journey, and I have built more electric skateboards than I can really remember any more I thought I would share a little video of me and some mates taking a few of the boards out to Throsby and bombing some flats..
..and some hills too.

getting colder now though.. looking forward to the snow season again.


on my latest build, I made the cheapest board I could and video documented the entire build process.
its a long video I’m sorry. I tried to keep it down but didnt want to skip over anything.

please enjoy!