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FS 50 50 on a rail

Hello I can frontside 50 50 pretty well on a knee high rail but wheen its on a square rail or rounded rail I have problem I dont know how to lock on it and I am kinda confuse do I need to lock in the middle of my two trucks or in angle or lock with my two back wheels just like on a ledge it’s been a relly long while im stuck on this trick tanks for your help


Hey mate. Try to make are u land back truck first on the rail. It will go to one side and lock up agains the a wheel. So yes your board will be on a bit of an angle over the rail and the front truck will be opposite to the rear. Make sense?


Hold on tight! But K2 pretty much covered it. As long as you have your balance you should be ok. Good luck!!


Well rails give a lot of people a scare, even me. So first of all try to get comfortable with the rail and it’s hieght. Then when you approach the rail come up parallel or slightly angled in your Ollie position. When you Ollie onto the rail land as centered on the trucks as you can (same for round or flat rails) then balance, grind and then acid drop the end. Feel free to look up tout rials on YouTube aswell.
Hope I helped. smile


tanks to you all I will try that tanks for the help grin