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Phone calls on the snow


What do you people rock in terms of using your phone on the snow?  I know some of you use iPhone headphones and I guess that would work to receive calls.  Do you also use them to make calls with voice recognition?  I was also wondering if the various helmets I see with audio connectivity work in this way, or are they purely just for passive listening?


I leave my phone in the car to enjoy the outdoors now. I’m snowboarding don’t need any one contacting me. I used to run a prepaid Nokia for just riding, as they will take a fall and it’s only a $50 phone at the end of the day.

I don’t listen to music while riding either as I have seen my fair share of accidents when people collide when they can’t hear. Not against them in the park riding it’s not so bad when your in a safer zone with out the traffic.


i only have my phone in my pocket to take an occasional pic, like bkrton said, im there to board not to talk to people on the phone. Plus anyone who id need to talk to is usually boarding with me.


Hi Mud,

Years ago I used to have a Giro headphone/mic attachment that was compatible with my Giro helmet.

I used it to listen to music and take the odd phone call.

You can set your phone to auto answer so you don’t even need to take it out of your pocket.

I am sure there are Bluetooth set ups nowadays that fit into helmets.

It was certainly convenient back in the day.  Especially when taking a sneaky “working from home” day wink