Anyone been to Shymbulak in Kazakhstan?

I might be in Kazakhstan at the end of the year with the family and I may be spending a day at the groomed trails on Shymbulak. I’d like to know if I should just rent when I’m there or bother with bringing my gear if I’m only boarding for a day. I’m assuming that one day would be enough since it only has 3 to 5 lifts and the reviews I read referred to it as a really tiny spot to ride on.

I won’t be going back country or heliboarding unfortunately.

If anyone has been to the resort,  I’d like to know if it’s worth a visit.  I’m getting mixed responses from Google.


Hello world ! kissing_heart

Shymbulak is a local resort in my hometown Almaty. I never been to other resorts outside the country, but it’s definately gonna be considered as a tiny place compare to Niseko/Whistler kinda stuff

Here is a few pics of how it’s look like during the March, by the way the pics might be as old as the topic itself, sorry for late response Singaporean Resident satisfied

Last season last from Early November till Mid of May, however you woudn’t like the sticky snow in May unless you got a spring powder. Recently we got a hummble park consisting of 3 kickers (3; 6 and 10 meters gap between the kicker and landing); 4 rails and 3 boxes installed parraleled to the jumps, which is lame because you have to choose whether you gonna hit a line of air or jib; and also one jump to slope-shaped air bag, so you may practice the trick and ride off the bag smoothly.

The night ridding is available from 7-11 pm. From my experience the January is the coldest period, it’s rarely hit -25 or lower, but when it does it’s freezing cold out there. Yet the rest of the season is quite warm, so if it’s early in the season or a spring feel free to ride in only shell layer jacket or even a hoody/

The city is meant to be a biggest megapolis in the Central Asia. There is a planty thing to do and a lot of place to go, even the neighbour countries, especially Kyrgystan, cause it’s also located in mountains. If you a kinda outdoor adventurer then the summer probably would be a better option, but if you plan your visit or you accidently would be forced to go in a winter, then Shymbulak is your destination and I advice to take your own gear, cause the over-all experience on the mountain depends on your gear, and I woudn’t rely on rental service. In any case the economics is not the biggest adventure in the region, so that might be a trip on a budget and in my opinion that might be a real adventure, cause Central Asia is unexplored for many of you.

For myself, I consider a super short trip to Sweden, and I wonder if anyone has an experience in early season Scandinavian snowboarding, or at least indoor skateboarding, please advice if it’s worth at all dance