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Win a 3CS Jacket and Pant of Your Choice!



3CS has just launched a brand new website and outerwear range for 2014. More info here.

Check out their new website:
Follow them on Facebook:

3CS is giving one lucky Boardworld member a jacket and pant of their choice from the new collections!


1. Click here to view the new 3CS collections.

2. Visit the 3CS website and look through their new outerwear range.

3. Reply to this thread and tell us which collection you fit into, what you like about the style, and which jackets and pants you would choose and why.

Note: Females should look at the women’s collection and give us your answer based on this collection.

The best answer as determined by the team at 3CS will win the jacket and pants of their choice. We are looking for an honest, convincing and passionate answer. We want to know how stoked you would be to rock a new outerwear setup from 3CS.


You must reply to this thread for a valid entry.

One entry per person.

Open to worldwide entries.

Entries close at midnight on Sunday, July 13th, 2014 (AEST). The winner will be announced the following week.

The winner will be determined by the team at 3CS.


Great comp by Australias best outerwear brand 3CS.

Really; how good is 3CS gear? Every retailer I’ve spoken to can’t talk-up 3CS enough, one I know is concerned for 3CS’s business model as they say the gear is so good and long lasting that return customers might be low not, they say it’s underpriced for the quality. The best thing in their favour is they stay on top of fashion trends.

But I’ve never owned 3CS gear… why? Because back when I could afford good gear 3CS weren’t around (or at least it wasn’t easily available). I bought some top end gear that I managed to make last many years (boarding 80-100 days a year). That gear ended up hand stitched over and over until I couldn’t repair it anymore, my arse had worn through my pants and the cuffs were shredded to bits. Eventually the pockets fell off and and it had to be retired.
My jacket fared better since most of the time I wore my work supplied jacket but inevitably it copped a few tears and just went out of fashion.

These days my daughter has a passion for the snow, she grows so fast I need to replace her gear twice a season - we both have to rely on the cheapest gear until she finishes growing. The cheap stuff barely lasts a season.

I’ve gained great appreciation for quality outerwear over the +1000 days I’ve had shooting video and photo’s on snow.

If I had my choice of 3CS gear I would get the 511 Sorsa Vigilante pants:
The waist band alone is a huge sell for me; I have a rare allergy called “cold urticaria” basically I’m allergic to ice. I put a lot of time into ensuring no snow gets down my pants, in my sleeves or down my back . If I get snow on my skin it welts and locks my joints. Falling on a pow day leads to a ritual of wiping myself down and getting it all out of my gear/ears/nose… the waistband would prevent so much snow on my skin.
During winter; about the only thing I don’t do in my snow gear is sleep - the inner waistband print looks great so I would be looking good during apre activities, which is especially important being a single dad. wink

Size M

As for a jacket:
I was close to choosing the Baltimore Farmers Granite but settled on 511 Sorsa 2 in 1 (Farmers), it makes a complete set with the Sorsa pants, the 2 in 1 feature is ideal for Australia’s mild winters and flannel print never gets old. Then add a gun wielding, skeleton thingy giant patch (homage to a great rider) and it’s simply the coolest snowboarding jacket I’ve ever seen.

Size L

A rundown of why I should win:
1. 3CS is the best snow gear in Australia if not the world.
2. As a dad winning this gear would mean more time on snow for me and my daughter.
3. It WOULD get me laid.


I think someone is telling you BS on number 3.

There for I should win

Yes yes I know the rules but they there to be brocken.


Lano wins!!!!! LOL


Haha snap!

Ok, my entry goes as follows;

After going through all the collections a few times i keep coming back to The Rockwell Collection. More specifically these 2 pieces;

These 2 together do it for me, i was sitting at the mess hall here at camp and i had to tuck my boner into the top of my pants to hide it from my mates. THATS how much it does it for me. Also that beard is glorious and i get lost in its depth. But seriously, If this comp was last year i wouldn’t enter because none of the collections fit into what i considered my style back then. I usually went for more out there colours/patterns but i dont know if its because im getting older and more mature (Laughable, hell i have leopard print boots) but the simple flannel style sleeves and solid colour arms, combined with the simple grey pants are what i want to be rocking this season.

I have been meaning to check out the 3CS stuff for a while but never got around to it as i said above, what i had seen didnt fit my style back then but now its ore the direction i want to take. Especially the Rockwell Collection.

Some may say my style is shit, well most do. Hell i have gold leopard print boots (eat a dick if you dont like them!) and i feel this jacket/pant combo is right up my alley. Something keeps me coming back to them. Maybe its the fact i have a secret desire to be a lumberjack?! I dont know. All i know is i need these in my life right meow.

It was tough to choose this combo as, to be honest, i like all in the collection as well as a few from the other collections (The Jacket spaz posted above is killer but im not a fan of the logo on the back. Only thing that prevented me from picking it) but alas, i had to go with my gut and these 2 are for me.

So be a sport and sling me them! I need to rock some new outerwear for this upcoming NOHE winter in Whistralia!


I am an owner of 3CS Tactics Cargo from around 2010 and still wear them today with pride. The quality is amazing and if I don’t win this I will still go and buy a new pair. They fit well and sag off my arse brilliantly without being to gangster and the wear is non-existent with runs to Australian mountains and also overseas doing seasons. They feel like the day I got them and I am a person who appreciates quality, so thank you.

For me my style is a little simple with some flair. I used to rock out the bright colours with my jackets and basic pants but I do things a little more simple now. I am a country boy and enjoy the outdoors but having a quality setup and versatility of the Sorsa 2-In-1 would be very helpful for the spring riding. Being a fan of Heikki Sorsa helped me with the selection and my girlfriend being from Finland, Suomi! Pride!

The bottoms I would go back to the Tactics cargo’s, previous love of the product. It matches well like any other dark colour pants and has the cargos to carry every thing for the day.

My choice much love! Moi!


I would like the following two items (pants and jacket in image)

I think I should win because all of BW thinks i need more Steezzzz!


^^ must not say anything.


^^ See case in point…


my choice would be the jacket 511 Sorsa in a medium colour EbonyTempest

and my pants would have to be the Staten colour port size Medium

i can’t seem to post a photo for some reason? (EDIT: Fixed for you. Click “EDIT” to see how the photos are added.)
the reason why i chose these is they look awesome and stylish and we all know theres nothing better than looking good while you shred! and they have good waterproofing and breathability to keep me nice and toasty when I’m spraying powder all over them skiers.
the reason why you should pick me is because ill be able to rep the gear at the home country in perisher and next year ill be able to rep them in Canada! pleeeeeaase and cheers!

keep spraying skiers.


Welcome to Boardworld, dylanloch. cool smile

I added the photos for you. If you click “EDIT” on your post you will see how it’s done.

Where in Canada are you headed to?


Personally, I would have to say that my favorite collection would definitely be The Rockwell Club! I love how 3cs is able to capture the concepts of modern fashion in this collection and than apply it to products which are designed to perform and function practically. Lets face it, everyone wants to look steezy when riding, but you would never wan’t want to substitute the aesthetics of a product for performance. Having said that, I think its pretty clear that The Rockwell Club achieves the best of both worlds, just look at the specs to see for yourself!

The jacket I like most is the Baltimore.I really like the classic look of it in Tempest Black, however I don’t think that I could pass up on the Baltimore in Farmers Granite! Why? Because flanno’s are just sick… Annnd because it stands out from the rest! Perfect for when your mates are looking for you on the hill.

As for the pants, I think the Baltimore in Farmers Granite would look wicked with the Silas in rust. The best thing is they come in slim fit, nothing better when you have skinny legs! I love the look of something a bit larger on top and something skinny down the bottom, just like tall tees and skinny jeans, and the Silas are ideal for that syle! As for the colour scheme, the rust holds true to a classic skateboarding culture and its fashion which I think is important as it is the roots of snowboarding.

I would be so stoked to win this comp. I finish school this year and I plan to go over to Whistler for a gap year. This plan involves working here in Australia until I have enough money to afford the plane ticket, however I also need new gear because it is getting a bit small on me haha. Winning this would just mean one less expense I have to worry about and would take me one step closer to my dream of doing a season and riding Canada, which would be an extremely fulfilling experience. PS so keen to get up to Perisher after this storm!!


I would definitely go the Republic - Ceder Ebony jacket because I love orange. Currently rocking some orange pants and these bad boys would fit perfectly when I wanted to mix it up from the sweet sweet Staten - Surplus pants that I would love to rock around the mountain. The earthy combination would be subtle enough at I’m not a 80s poser throwing down in your face colours but would be enough that people can still spot you on the mountain and marvel at the threads that you’re rockin!

To cap off how stoked I would feel rocking the new 3CS setup, I put together the combo so that I could see how they would even go together. Obviously these 2 were made for each other!

(Med Pants / Large Jacket)


Cinder is perfect for this Cinderella
When I go to the snow I want a transformation
from boring to snow princess


thanks Jez! and I’m staying in Banff


I would LOOOOOOOOOOVE to be seen hitting EN ZED slopes in the finest from 3CS. My set up would be the brightest on the field, and also cause the most envy!

THIS jacket:

and THESE pants:

All I need now is some SNOW! ♥