Foam pitts and Trampoline gyms - Any in VIC?

Has anyone ever used or been to a foam pitt to practice flips and tricks? Not necessarily with a snowboard attached to your feet, but it would be nice to get try some backflip and forward flip movements before actually attempting them a board. I heard some gymnastic centres have them, but I don’t know any in Melbourne that rent or hire to public :(


Not sure, but I know Mt Baw Baw has the new air bag. It’s a huge air bag at the landing of a jump, so you can huck whatever you want and land on the air bag. Looks rad!


what about sydney as well? northern beaches area?


yeah can’t wait for the airbag myself rider26. However, its gonna hurt the bank when you pay $5 a jump. Better make each jump count haha.


I did not know that… but I would rather spin a 7 than drink a beer wink

zhenjie - 28 June 2009 11:15 AM

yeah can’t wait for the airbag myself rider26. However, its gonna hurt the bank when you pay $5 a jump. Better make each jump count haha.

Baw Baw lift passes are under $50 if I remember correctly. You can ride all day and get 10 hits on the air bag for the same price as a lift pass anywhere else. Good deal if you ask me.

rider26 - 28 June 2009 11:26 AM

I did not know that… but I would rather spin a 7 than drink a beer wink

I wish more people thought this way.


I’ve been going to a gymnastics session every Thursday in Wollongong. We do a 30 minute session on strengthening the core, then we either do the floor, foam pit or trampoline.

The first week I turned up, I had never done a flip. After a few attempts in the pit, I was doing front flips. Now I can do front flips on the double tramp where the tramp and the mat I am landing on are on the same level. I hope to attempt some front flips sometime this season.

I couldn’t do a handstand or cartwheel to save my life. I’m now rocking these. Might be cool to try some handplants on some features in the park. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do a cartwheel on a snowboard. I think it’d be fun to pull out when mucking around on the hill.


That’s mad SpeedyPB! Are these casual gymnastic sessions for everybody?

I’m trying to find ones around Melbourne, very few adult classes and if they do run adult classes its 100% ladies and former gymnast :(


I don’t think it can be said enough how valuable gymnsatics is for snowboarding. The fitness benefits are huge, core strength and great flexibility is the perfect combo for snowboarding. The general skills of co-ordination and balance are vastly improved. Finally and perhaps most importantly is all the techniques you learn, not just flips but learning how to slow down and speed up spins. Plus it is loads of fun. can’t really fault it, haha


The session I go to is for anyone over 10 years old but there are people over 20 there. I don’t think I’d attempt flipping without practicing on a tramp and foam pit. As Will says, it’s awesome for your core strength and other skills. Such a fun work out!

My girlfriend comes home this week. She’s a cheerleader so she’s going to help me more with flips too.


Just thought I’d update this thread. After months I finally found a place that teaches trampolines lessons for adults! Check out if anyone is interested. Run Monday nights in Hawthorn, VIC.

Its incredibly fun and great training for both general fitness and cross training for snowboarding. Did my first backflip ever in the first class (with the help of support and teachers haha).
Anyone interested come and join us smile. We have around 6 other snowboarders in the class so its a great group to learn with.


Interesting stuff Zhenje, I’m actually in Elwood so not that far away.  Recently been roped into an AFL team for pre season training so my cardio and general fitness is coming along great guns.

Also for whoever was looking for trampoline/gymnastic stuff on the northern beaches I would go have a squiz at the Sydney Institute of sport on Narrabeen Lakes.  From memory they used to have gymnastics there and when I was a very young fella they had grass skiing as well.


i know that its not in vic

but Copper mountin in colorado have a woodward there indoors and out specifically designed at freestyle snowboarding with snowflex covering the place foam pits, tramps and jibbing sections..would love to check it out when i get over there


i occasionally go to Jets Gymnastics in Eltham, they run an adult gymnastics class for $10 and for about 2 hours you pretty much get to do what ever you want. i’d reccomend it they have a few guys that come in with a bmx taped up and they do tricks on the trampoline..


i was engaging in a “casual relationship” with a girl back home for a few months a while ago and she had access to a foam pit, trampoline etc. always wanted to sneak in there one night for some foam pit action… and by that i also mean with my snowboard