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I can’t seem to get an ollie stationary? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!
I have a bit of a brain picker here, and I really hope someone can help!

I have this problem where I can Ollie up curbs fine, Ollie over objects fine (bag, another skateboard, etc)
But when I go to Ollie Stationary, just not moving at all, I can’t do it? I really am confused on this problem because I can land a pop shovit flat and moving but I can’t just get this Ollie down while stationary and it is frustrating me.

I’ve recorded myself and It looks like I jump of the board
and other times Ill pop, Slide but before leveling out I bring my front foot down to the bottom of the board.

And then other times, I just can’t pick the problem because it’s the proper motion.
It’s just very confusing and it’s not making much sense to me.

I hope someone see’s this and helps me because I would really like others opinions on this from more experienced skaters than me

Cheers! smile


Just an Update I can now ollie stationary without any trouble now smile I just need to practice landing on the board perfect now. cheese


haha good to hear you solved the problem for yourself! sometimes it just takes a bit of playing around with technique and foot position unti it works for you thumbsup


I saw this thread and I wasn’t sure what to post lol. If you can do it moving and over things then doing it stationary seemed pretty unimportant. But I guess it’s a good skill to have to do static ollies to then practice other things static like flip tricks.

Props for figuring it out yourself. Sometimes less time thinking and more time skating is actually the only thing you need. Practice isn’t everything but it has to be there for every trick.