Ellie Jean Coffey: Surfer girls are sexy


Hey BW Ladies!

Thought id throw a cat amongst the pigeons, (and get outta the surf forum) and see what your par-take is on this talented yet sexy up and comer surfer girl, Ellie-Jean for the Goldie. 

STAB surf mag posted this article.

Thoughts and views on sexiness and surfing and “flaunting it” are much appreciated.


“Two days ago, a Sunrise presenter intro’d a segment with this:
“We all know sex sells, but how far is too far when it comes to women in sport? Our next guest is making headlines for saying female athletes should use their appeal to get to the top.”
That next guest was Ellie-Jean Coffey, 19 years old and from the Gold Coast.
Ellie-Jean is Instagram famous. She has 234k followers.
Mick Fanning has 194k.
And there is one thing that makes Ellie-Jean, a national champ and 2012 world junior runner up (but beyond that, in possession of no surfing point of difference from her contemporaries), more Instagram famous than three-time world champ Mick Fanning. And that is skin.

Brown, young, and well-documented skin. It’s hardly a difficult code to crack. Sex has been selling since the ad men on 50s Madison Ave realised that cleavage = vacuum sales (hey, I’ve seen Mad Men too). And it’s a formula that Ellie-Jean is, understandably, quick to defend on national morning television. It is a formula that’s afforded her very sponsor dollar, much fame, so lifestyle. Ask her and she’ll tell you she’s just #blessed, but the Coffey fam vibe is a more calculated one. When tanned glute-favouring frames washed with X-Pro II simultaneously land on the Instagram accounts of Ellie-Jean and her sister, Holly-Sue (147k), it is calculated.

“Nowadays it’s a much easier way to brand yourself,” says Ellie-Jean of social media presence. “Having this whole modelling lifestyle and kind of just going off what I do online has only added extra to what I was already doing.”
Play that nonchalance all you like Ellie-Jean, but I see you over there, doin’ your thang.

And why shouldn’t she do it? She is young and she is good looking and she can surf and if Alana Blanchard can have 882k Instagram followers and her own TV show and a Sports Illustrated shoot and a camembert-level phone advert and win the Surfer Poll vote even though she isn’t the world’s best female surfer then why can’t Ellie-Jean have all that too?
What is wrong with @laird_hamo_rox asking for a date beneath a picture of Ellie-Jean *self-consciously* covering a giggle? What is wrong with @mesh3l_alzaid offering in Arabic to indulge Ellie-Jean’s request of #takemeback to Tahiti? Uh, perhaps there is something wrong that that. But there is certainly nothing wrong with little @montana443 saying that Ellie-Jean is her BIGGEST INSPIRATION IN LIFE! and that Ellie-Jean inspires her to follow her dreams <3.

Ellie-Jean’s Instagram account is an inspiration station for surfer girls younger than her. It is a brief escape from the confines of difficult socio-economic conditions for Iranian men. It is a guilty pleasure for male surfers. And it is a shudder of discomfort for Cori Schumacher.


Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it right? I mean she spends the majority of her time in a bikini and works hard for her body.. (and its actually really good to see people like her, and Alana, who have fit, athletic bodies.. Not starved boney bodies..)  hopefully girls look at them and think, wow.. I want to be fit like her.. 

sure sex sells.. She knows she has a good body and looks good, so she is using that to her advantage.. The way a singer has a good voice so they train it, and make money from it… 

she is old enough to make her own decisions.. And nothing is offensive..  (just her in bikinis - which you would see when she is competing anyways..) 

so..  why not??  (hey if I looked like her id be in a bikini all day too!!, instead.. I am thankful the snow is cold and I can wear comfy, (baggy) clothing LOL


Personally if it were me, I wouldn’t take that approach. I’d want to be recognised in sport for my skills, not my looks and i’d never want anyone questioning whether I would have made it as far if it weren’t for looks.(assuming in this imaginary world I was as hot as her :p )

That said, it’s her career and her body and if that is what she chooses to do then I respect that. My issue is not with her, it’s with the fact that society makes women feel like this is something they need to do to get ahead. I just think it’s sad that appearance matters so much in a profession where it has no bearing on ability. She’s simply making the best of what she’s got.

air180 - 14 March 2014 11:51 PM

. I just think it’s sad that appearance matters so much in a profession where it has no bearing on ability. She’s simply making the best of what she’s got.

yep! Agreed.

h0z - 15 March 2014 03:42 PM
air180 - 14 March 2014 11:51 PM

. I just think it’s sad that appearance matters so much in a profession where it has no bearing on ability. She’s simply making the best of what she’s got.

yep! Agreed.

I hear ya both on that one!!

The girl is talented and sexy, but we don’t want to see another Anna Kournikova, where they sell out on their looks rather than focusing on their sporting gift.. I feel Alana is going down that path. HOWEVER all companies need a marketable figure along with a role model for the younger generation. Ellie is doing just that. And as mentioned she is not a stick figure thank god!

I say keep up the good work Ellie. Just don’t sell out on the modelling thing. Keep surfing and shredding! A sexy bikini photo every now than then doesnt go astray for us blokes either smile


She is hot but 234K instagram followers hot, not in my books!  On the issue of sex sells, anyone who begrudges her success based on how she is achieving it is just jealous, she wouldn’t have any profile at all if she wasn’t actually a talented surfer as on looks alone there are so many better looking girls out there.  Not that many who have her other talents though.


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