YouTube Skater Montage


So I asked the skaters of youtube to send in clips and they didn’t disappoint! Most of these people saw this by being subscribed to me, so it was painless to get this made. Hope you enjoy!



Sick edit, man. Poor Leon, he for sure got the wrong end of the skate in that clip. Reminds me of the weird skate challenges I had with my friends back when I was young. Speaking of weird challenges, maybe you could try some as well. They could be related to skateboarding, or maybe something else. You know, I actually saw a pretty weird but fun challenge this morning. It was a 24-hour challenge by Rebecca Zamolo. She just hid in a small space for 24 hours, pretty entertaining seeing how she uses spy gear to inspect the place from her little hideout. Check it out, ,maybe you could replicate some of her challenges but with a twist of your own to make them more interesting. Good luck with your channel!


Thank you for sharing