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2014 season


Hey everyone,

First of all I would like to say I am new to the forum so if there is already something about this topic I apologize now.

So I’m from Australia and i’m wanting to head to Canada to work the 2014 snow season, not sure on what resort yet maybe Sunpeaks because my cousin said he loved it there. Anyway I don’t want to go through an agency because they cost way too much. They charge about $1000 to find you a job, sort your visa out and all that jazz then you have to pay for flights ect on top of that. Iv’e already sent emails out to about 9 resorts most of them saying they don’t do Skype interviews blah blah blah. So i’m wondering if anyone can give me some advice on how I can go about this, I don’t really want to head over too early. I’m already spending 8 months away from my girlfriend I don’t really want to spend anymore lol. But if going over in October is the only way to find a job I guess I’ll have to. That’s another thing I would like to have a job before I leave Australia I would feel much safer doing that.
Anyway If anyone can help me with this that would awesome, I’m really keen and don’t want to miss out on another season!

Thanks a bunch,


Hi Leasha.

I think you will find the answers to all your question over in Mountains and Travel

Tj is in Sun Peaks now and he got a job in September (via phone interview) He headed over in early Nov (i think?)


Hi Ozgirl,

How did he apply for the job, was it just by emailing them or applying on the site?

And thanks for the link I’ll check it out grin


I worked at Big White 12/13 season. I already had friends who had worked there so my resume was emailed and I scored a Skype interview. I’m not sure if that is the way that they still do interviews. I would suggest deciding on which resort you would like to work at and find out when they have a job fair and attend that. They are usually held in October. I know that it may seem daunting however in a resort such as whistler its so big you are sure to find a job once you get to the mountain. Any other tips Im glad to help smile Good luck


Hi snow girl,

Thanks a lot for your info. I’m pretty keen on Sunpeaks or Whistler. Now I just need to try and get an interview. I’m really not keen on going over for the job fair. But it’s looking like that’s the way I may have to go about it.


Have any of you done a season with a partner at home? Just wondering how you found it ect. My gf and I have never spent any more then 2 weeks away from each other. And I’m going to be spending 6-8 months away from her snake


Sooooo I’m back!
Any who the Canada season fell through for me as I decided to study. Now that’s over I’m getting back into trying to work a season. This time I’m going to look at staying in Aus
So my question is what fields have people worked in if not work just what one do you think is better. So far I’m leaning towards Mt Hotham but I’ve also applied for Perisher.
Anyway any info is always good smile

Thanks shaka


Hi Leesha!

Sorry Canada fell through but hopefully you and your gf can do it together in the future!

I have worked at Thredbo and I volunteer currently at Perisher.

If location is not your deciding factor my advice is apply for jobs at every mountain and then if you get more than one job offer then take the best offer!


Thanks Ozgirl,
Yeah the Canada plan is still there for the future.

Well my girlfriend and I are planning on Moving to Melbourne towards the end of the season. So I thought I would try and get a job at either Hotham or Falls to be close to Melbourne and might help with coming back for following seasons etc. Just wondering if anyone has had experience working at either one. 

Thanks again for your info grin


Sucks that Canada fell through for you. As Oz said, apply for all of them as they get tons of applications and can only hire so many people.

Personally I’d be looking more at Hotham or Falls as you need to live on the mountain and not in Jindabyne like you would in NSW. But then again, I have no issues living on a mountain where as other people prefer the option of things like Woolworths, movies and no snow (which is much easier in Jindy).


Thanks TJ,

Yeah I don’t mind living on the mountain, I would rather live on the mountain really. Yeah i’m really wanting to get a job at Hotham but I will take your advice and apply for where ever I can.



Question: Get my own board for my first season or hire one?

I’m leaning towards getting my own then I can get use to it etc, but when it comes to gear I have no idea.


Depends what you’re looking for and how much you want to spend. If you’re working as a lifty or anything on the actual hill, you’ll need to buy one. It’s probably a good idea anyway since it’ll push you a bit more to use it. If you’re renting, it’ll cost you everytime you want to go for a ride and end up costing more and be harder to learn (most rental boards are banged up and aren’t great quality).

If you’re hoping not to spend too much, there are generally some good deals around this time on Gumtree / Ebay (while people aren’t looking). I can help you find something decent if you message me on Facebook.

If you want something new, hit up Jeremy in the shop, you get a discount for being a member and they do great service. Personally I’d recommend something like a Yes Jackpot, Emoticon or Basic. I love the Yes boards and I haven’t heard any complaints about them from anyone else either. For you probably a 149 or 150ish in size. (though I’m just going off pictures on Facebook. Height and Weight would really make it easier to give assistance)

Look at the graph and don’t be worried to go slightly smaller that what they say.

For me, they say 159-160 and I refuse to ride anything over a 156. (currently on 154s…) Just easier to turn and pop.


Yeah I’ve applied for a lifty job so i’ll be riding as much as I can, yeah I think last year at Falls I was using a 149 maybe even smaller. I know for sure it wasn’t 150 and I weigh 65kg.

Yeah I think i’ll go for a new one, I was looking on the STM website but i’ll have a suss at the BW store.

Thanks again for you help TJ shaka


Yeah at 65kg, I agree that 150 is probably too big for Aussie snow. 149 would probably be suitable.

Have you tried different types of boards? all the different types of camber?

If you’re a lifty, you need a board to work. It’d cost you like $10 a day to rent so after like 30 days which you’d do easily, you’ve just wasted a board worth of money. Plus a board will last you multiple seasons if you aren’t a gear whore like a lot of us raspberry


No I haven’t I don’t really know anything about different types of boards. I guess i’m just looking for an all round board.

Yeah when you put it that way getting my own will be way better. I just don’t want to get ripped off when it comes to getting it because i’m new to the sport.