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Bearings - What they don’t tell you


Ceramics can be so much smoother due to their composition!!!!!

Put a Steel Ball under a microscope, and even the highest ABEC Rated will have tiny dimples in its surface!!!!!

These are the things that cause friction, and slow things down!!!!!

K2_TeacherBoy - 18 November 2013 09:31 PM
C J Parker - 18 November 2013 09:15 PM

. As well as this your balls hold their shape for longer

LOL i had to giggle a little *out comes the 8 year old in me*



I just replaced my bearings with Bones Reds.

Most of my bearing knowledge is from RC Monster trucks and sure; these are the cheapest skate bearings but the quality doesn’t come close to the bearings I run on my truck -fully sealed bearings that run 20-30thou rpm-

My truck bearings aren’t expected to carry 80kg and G forces = up 500kg but they do have to deal with heat and impacts that bend titanium and split 75/75 Al.
I imagine economy comes into play with skate bearings though.

When it comes down to; it I’ll just replace my skate bearings with the next higher rated ones when these fail. Which is more likely to be due to rust not wear.


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