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Brisbane spots?

Anyone know some good spots in Brisbane? Preferably lowish ledges no handrails and small sets- good for beginners.


would love to help mate, but never skated there!


That’s lucky cos the only local parks are rough, people hate skaters and the council doesn’t maintain anything so there is cracks everywhere.


there is a little skate park at Paddington right near Suncorp stadium - Its just along side the park and Hale Street. Haven’t been there yet but I drive past it everyday to and from work and never seen anyone in there. Looks like a nice little park.
Might go check it out soon.

This thread was from a while ago did you find anything else since?


I’ve stayed around the surfer’s paradise area. I can’t remember much in the way of street spots (they’re likely to be clogged with tourists anyway), but there’s loads of little concrete parks around.