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18ft Great White Attacks Shark Cage


An 18-foot great white attacks a shark cage while a diver is trapped inside.


Ouch! My worst fear right there… Also i think narrator talks it up a little to much.


Hahahaaa!!!!! The Narrator!!!!!

The cage is still hooked onto the boat!!!!!!


Thats a monster shark what a load of bullshit, I hate these so called “documentaries” , theyre just a beat up.  Howse the noises dubbed in over the soundtrack that sound like someone gargling sea water ha ha!


I’ve been getting into mockumentaries lately after finding out I had been duped by one for the last 2 years (Forgotten Silver - made by Peter Jackson).

Yesterday “Mermaids - the bodies found” was on, followed by “Mermaids - new evidence”. 3 hours of transparent bs AND I LOVED IT. Even the NOAA “Scientist” had a continues smirk on his face at every mention of mermaids existing and he was perpetuating the myth.

As for the shark cage - well, um…
There are several reports of big sharks ripping cages apart.
Great White’s bite with almost 2 ton, easily enough to shred alloy bars.
A shark cage is just a deterrent - no one should expect one to stop a big shark.

Back in the early 80’s.
My old man was in a 15’ boat that was all but lifted out of the water by a Bronzie when it bit hold of the outboard during a Deep Sea Game Fishing comp. The crew were calling it 20’-30’ estimating it was twice the length of the boat.
Dad hooked it using a 3’ bait (wouldn’t take anything smaller), fought it for 20 min until what he says “it outsmarted me”.
20’-30’ would make it the biggest shark in modern times (but only a third the size of Jaws).
They didn’t get back on the boat for 5 days, one crew member has never again gone near the ocean. I was there when they got off the boat.
The sea anchor was shredded and the bite marks around the engine suggested some teeth were 2” wide. I helped with the repairs and remember the damage.
Dad never let me go deep sea fishing after that. His own resolve toward sharks and the ocean was never the same - he used to snorkel with sharks in the 60’s/70’s and took part in the kill all sharks mentality of the 80’s.
After then he only participates in Catch and Release comps and had input into rec bag limits imposed by fisheries.
Now he only fishes of big boats.

Biggest Shark ever caught:
Great White, 1959, Ceduna Australia - 1.2 ton (2,664 lb) double the size of it’s nearest recorded rival.
The bait was a porpoise! (I suspect the porpoise was in it’s belly when weighed).

Image above; shark is bent over dock from the tail back (look how far back Alf Dean is standing) I’ve studied this photo since the age of 10.


While on the topic of sharks;

My intuition says, sharks being flexible cartilage, not bone, change length dependent on depth. Once out of water and dead they are shorter (I may be wrong).

Dads 30 footer could have been a baby Megalodon, if you buy into the myth that they still exist.
Especially since Great Whites are only recorded as reaching 20’ and Megalodon is estimated to grow in excess of 60’.
Video/photo evidence doesn’t make for a record. Some are a little longer but 20’ is accepted as an average max length.

The shark in video; at 18’ it is as big as they come.