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Waves in Mossman?

Hey all, I’m currently travellin aroud Oz and visitin my wifes Grandies in Cairns. I havent had a surf since Agnes Water (last spot before the reef cuts off the swell) and I’ve heard a rumour that a place north of Cairns called Mossman gets waves.. Can anyone confirm this? My boards are getting layers of dust on them!!! Thanks

Oh, and what about the Crocs?


While I’m not sure about Mossman, my first thought was Crocs & Stingers!!!!!

You must be keen for a wave!!!!!


Ohhhh, and welcome aboard, laithando!!!!! shaka


Ive spent a little bit of time in cairns and its pretty safe to say the place doesnt really get swell…. At all. The only thing worth doing up there is kite boarding when its howling.

Ill agree with Mizu, the crocs and stingers were enough to keep me outta the water!! Theres signs posted everywhere!!!

I think Mackay can pick up a little swell during hurricane season, but thats about as much as far nth old gets. Happy hunting!  shaka


Cheers fellas, was a bit of a long shot i know. Even if I did find waves I dare say I’d be the only one out.. not much of a menu for the Salties.. Ha.. time to head South again I think.
Thanks again.


I believe there are “windows” through the GBReef that let waves to some spots. But only in massive swells (cyclones) hitting from the right angle to strike the right part of coastline.

I surfed on the coast near Bundaberg when 6’-8’ swell was pushing through such a window on the GBReef. By the time it hit the coast it was 2’. So much energy is lost getting past the GBReef.

Sharks - I can deal with.
Salties - no thanks.