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Favourite Brands


This is topic to let people know what YOU like to roll on not a petty excuse for a debate or arguement.

For me at the moment it is Black box boards (zero, slave and mystery) , theeve trucks, bones wheels and bearings, modus grip and fallen shoes.

Let me know what you are stoked on. Remember this is not a chance to pick at things but to let everyone get feed back and be stoked.


My current ride is:

Deck - Colony, was a deck given to me from this company. I previously rode a Folklore, but that chipped badly real quick (like, in 2-3 weeks, though it did get banged around a bit as I was learning !) . Both 7.5’s.
Trucks - Speed Demons
Wheels - Manly Skater HQ/not sure, but I think they are 54/97a
Bearings - Think they are Bones Red
Grip - Not sure, its pretty generic, though I had MOB when I rode the Folklore, and that got pretty grimy pretty quickly to be honest.
Shoes - PUMA “First Round”, I dont actually think these are skate shoes, but they have the makes of one and I liked the look of hem (flat firm 1 piece sole, fairly thick vulcanized rubber on the sides, suede finish, high tops, so good ankle support, nice cushioning) but a somewhat heavy shoe. Comfy though.  I had VANS Dustin Dollins before which I got on sale (*laughs* I know, cheapskate !) which again somewhat dissapointingly didnt last too long, holes in my ollie spot, and the sole got rubbed off quickly from learning how to brake. Otherwise comfy and light shoe.

My current setup suits me for the moment, its unfortunate my first lot of gear seemed to die pretty quick. I recently got an Untitled deck from STM City which is slightly wider 7.75 so lets see how that pans out once my Colony is done in. I would like to try a low setup as well, so get low trucks and smaller wheels and see how it feels ! I had a look at Theeves in STM, they look pretty sweet ! So they might be my next go. And with the recommendations on Bones Wheels, might go that direction as well.

I might try an Element or Zero Deck at some point too.

- Fox®


wow… i have too many to list! I have my own shapped decks including a longboard called the Super-Flex with Randal ll, BullsEye 7’s and Bubble Gum wheels! Slim-Tim (narrow old school styled) is coupled with Tracker Slalom Race X & S combo with Kryptonic 1980’s SLAMMERS and finished in clear grip! “Ratso” is on the same combo! “Jet-Stream” is decked out with 5.0 Bennett Vector trucks and some blank 60mm longboard wheels ...hahaha… does the trick tho! and the lis goes on and on and on ..... Bah…. doesn’t really matter what you have as long as you have FUN on it! skate safe! I have pictures if you’d like to check em out!



My current setup is:
Deck: Antihero 8.25
Trucks: Destructo mids
Bearings: Bones super reds
wheels: Absolute 56mm 100a
Very happy with my current setup. I got every part at the same time, but still got used to the whole thing in a few days. Nice and fast board which works well for most terrains. My favourite brand would probably be Ace trucks, although you never see them anymore.


my current setup is:
deck: jart
trucks: thunder
bearing: bones reds
wheels: bones stf
its friggin awesome. and i got them all from stm




just got back on the board after about 6 years, sucks lol.


My deck snapped the other day, but before that the set up was:

7.75 Creature deck.
Independent trucks.
Bones STF wheels.
Bones Reds bearings.
MOB grip.
And Fallen - Slash shoes.


8x32 Folklore Board
Koston Indy Trucks
Folkore 50mm cored wheels
Modus bearings
Nike P-Rods, but soon to be Fallen Billy Marks Pawns cheese


The Fallen Pawns are such an awesome shoe. Good flexy sole so just easy to skate in from the get go.


Just got the Pawns and a heap of fallen gear in the mail today.. so so psyched right now!!! All i need now is some dry weather!!  LOL