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complete package or keep the deck


had a party at the start of the year. woke up minus memory but plus a skatey in the house. started using it, no one ever came back for it, been ridin’ it around town just to get around quicker than walkin…. yeah that’s my lifetime experience on a skatey, f*#!in’ noob!

the only thing i know is it’s a foundation skateboard deck, destructo trucks.. the bearings are shot to s#? and the wheels look like their pretty much had it. deck’s had a well used/hard life, depending on what way you look at it.

1. how do i tell if the deck is stuffed

2. would i be better off - considering i know next to nothing about the techo side of skateboard products - to get new trucks, bearings and wheels put on the deck or just go into the local skate shop and get a whole new package, and how much should a kook like me be lookin’ to pay



Longtimedead welcome to skating. With a skateboard a lot of the time trucks are your longest lasting component. Unless your grinding all day long there is no real need to replace them. Bearings and wheels as well as the deck are usually the first to get replaced. If you don’t want to go nuts on new gear a price point or blank deck will get you out of trouble. Bearings you can’t go wrong with a set of reds or modus abec 3’s both will put you back $30 a set of 8. Wheels some blanks will cost about $30 and then you can spend up to $80.
Tell tale signs of a deck that is dying. The shape is no longer round at the nose and tail. The wood is chipping away and leaving sharp bits hanging of the deck.
Hope that has given you some light on what to do. When you are looking at doing this, take your board with you to get it set up as well. The person serving you should be able to shed some light on what you need to do with your board.

by the way rise against good choice


cheers mate!

sounds like i’ll just get some new bearings and wheels to start with and that should get me out of trouble…

By the way, been skatin heaps lately and my front foot felt pretty tight and sore yesterday. this got something to do with the way i’m skating or is it just because my ankles and feet aren’t used to the stresses and all that?

and yes, rise against are hell good


First question is are you pushing with your front foot or back foot?
Stretching is a good help if you have started skating heaps. It is like most sports when you haven’t do it for a while/before muscles that your not use to using get punished. Stretching your calves may help loosen everything up again.
Check the stretches in the health and fitness section.


pushin’ with my back foot.


That would be just not being use to skating. When your foot is at a different height compare to the other it will strain it a little bit. Just do some stretches and keep skating you will soon be pushing like a king.


Haha I’d say buy that setup quick before some random guy stops you and asks what you’re doing riding his board. I’d reccommend choosing out the parts yourself rather than getting a complete, so you can choose each part to your liking. Let me break the whole board down for you.
Deck: If your just cruising, it doesn’t really matter about deck quality. Just get one that feels good under your feet and has the right width, length and concave. Also, if you’re not sure about size start with an “8”.
Trucks: Yet again if you’re just riding around the city, go some medium trucks with medium-soft bushings. I’d reccommend either Ace or Destructo. Both turn really well and aren’t going to fall apart under your feet.
Bearings: I’m going with C J Parker on this one. Bones Reds all the way. I’m riding some speed metal 5s at the moment though, and I’ve yet to have any issues with them. Not sure on the price, but they perform just as well as my reds.
Wheels: Soft and 56+ for cruising. For anything else, go hard wheels and size according to the type of terrain you want to be skating.
Hope this helps.