Bam Margera: New Documentary Trailer


What happened to Bam?

After the death of his close friend Ryan Dunn, pro skateboarder and TV personality Bam Margera completely disappeared from the public eye. There were rumours he was dead, that he'd become a homeless drunk, or that he was living in a Mexican cave, among other things. This new documentary, I Need Time to Stay Useless, aims to set the record straight. 

From Bam:

I guess I'd say I've been working on this movie for at least 3 years. Everyone was wondering if I fell of the face of the earth when Ryan Dunn passed, and this movie explains it all — growing up broke, being an overnight millionaire at the age of 16, Jackass fame etc., with everyone dragging you in every direction and you don't even know who the fuck your friends are anymore. I needed to take a step away from it all to just breathe and have a look to figure out what is really important. I NEEDED TIME TO STAY USELESS. Enjoy the trailer. 

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