Poll: Do you/would you wear wristguards?
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Bumping this up.

Just had my first weekend on my board and i have wrist problems already. They’re both in pain at work now.

My mum also decided to take up boarding and had her first day yesterday and broke her wrist. Just a small break that will heal itself easily thankfully. Regardless she’s now off till next season with a lesson booked in for the coming weekend. Oh well.

So we’re both wanting wrist guards, in particular for while learning to fall properly. Just can’t decide which ones to get. Tossing up between the dakine under gloves or the burton impact under gloves.


Hey @Hosie88,

I’m sorry to hear that.

You could get the Dakine wrist guards (without the gloves), as these are designed to go under your regular gloves. They are low profile and comfortable, and will save you a bit of money.


Cheers Rider26.

She’s just taking it as time to chuck extra cash aside for a season pass and better snow gear etc haha.

Ended up grabbing the under glove burton impacts for myself and my son ( i know he’d want the same as dad if i got different 😂 ) bit more bulky then the dakine, local store had the dakine in stock so was able to try them on. But i preferred the idea of them being flexible, and being able to get youth ones the same.