Boot Size and Board Width (Size 11.5 US & 69kg - Bigfoot)

Sup Guys,

I’m about to buy my first snowboard setup and willing to drop some decent coin for a quality suiting ride, my dimensions are 178cm (5’8) and weigh 68-69kg with a boot size of 11.5 US.

I’ve done boat loads of research regarding weight and board length, but I’m now stuck on the appropriate width for my large feet. I’m leaning towards an all-mountain freestyle board, something I can play in the park (jib, have a bit of flex to learn how to butter) but also something that can handle everywhere else outside of the park (not so much pow - I live in Australia, and it I don’t think I would be hard to purchase a pow board for Japan considering they are generally larger therefore more accommodating for me feet).

I rode a season in Hakuba and purchased a second-hand (probably more like fourth-hand) Burton Blunt 2012 that was a 158. It was a great first ride that served me well, but I felt it was too long for when I was trying freestyle riding like doing spins etc. in the cat tracks.

From my research and experience generally a board size of 150-156 (roughly) would be sweet for me given my weight, but due to my large feet the lower length of the board spectrum seem to have too narrow of a waist width. I don’t want to run the risk of purchasing shorter boards due to their playfulness just to have too much heel or toe drag.

I’ve seen that a width of 25.5-26 is accommodative of a 11.5 boot, is this a concrete guideline? Could I get away with a slightly narrow width of a shorter board without running the risking of heel/toe dragging?

Any suggestions, recommendations or pro-tips would be highly appreciated as I have been racking my brain scouring the web!

Cheers in advance people.


Welcome to BOARDWORLD, @Zeb Scott!

Length-wise, I think you’re in the right ballpark, but I’d push you towards the larger side of the scale, maybe around the 153-154 mark.

Width-wise, I’d say you’re right on the money. Maybe aim around the 258mm mark. A couple of things can affect how you fit on any given waist width; your stance width and also your binding angles. A wider stance and larger angles (negative angles on the back foot) will give you more clearance. It also depends on how agressively you ride. So this is a guide, but you’re on the right track. Just make sure you consider these factors.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.



Thanks for your reply mate!

I was sizing up a 154 Skate Banana which has a waist width of 253mm (sketchy, but I’ve asked people and they said that would work). The 156 SB has a waist width of 255mm which I am comfortable with.

On my 158 I put my stance with fairly close together, clearly due to the length of the board. I can’t recall my angles well but I remember finding comfort with my front facing binding quite angled. I think with progression I’d ride more aggressively, but I know I definitely love style and play when it comes to board riding.

Other options were the Banana Magic 2019 (157cm - 254mm waist) or the Gnu Riders Choice 2019 (154.5cm - 252mm). The Riders Choice looks ideal but 252mm width is fairly off putting.

I am open to suggestions, however I have been talking to this independent snowboard shop owner who has discounted boards so I’ve been reducing myself to his range. I don’t have a budget, I am willing to spend the right amount on the right board!

Cheers mate.


In my honest opinion, none of those boards are ideal. We’re almost fully sold out of all of our 2018 boards, but we do have a Rome Buckshot 155 which I feel is a better option than any of the boards you mentioned. 155 with a 256mm waist, true twin, mid-flex, cambered profile, sintered base. Just a solid freestyle board matched better to your specs and at clearance price (last one). Check it out:

Otherwise, if you’re happy to wait, we have a full range of 2019 boards arriving very soon and you’ll be able to claim our member’s discount. You could go for the Skate Banana 156 but make sure you’re happy with the Banana profile (camber/rocker/camber) and soft flex. It’s super loose and playful. Not great for jibbing either. Personally, not my thing, but do your research just to make certain this is what you want.

Worth reading:



Legendary reply dude. Damn, the Buckshot does have pretty ideal specs and also quite tempting. Though how versatile is it for the rest of the mountain? I have a Thredbo trip end of July and then plan to go Japan in January, so will need to hold up with some powder and all-mountain riding. Did you have any other recommendations? The YES brand seems appealing. The Capita DOA 155W also seems like a viable purchase.

Cheers again mate.


Full camber is more versatile for all-mountain than the Banana profile, that’s for sure. More stable, better edging, more pop! But, rocker performs better in powder. I hate rocker, generally speaking, but it’s super fun in powder and it floats really well. So it really depends on your preferences and what you’ll be riding more of.

I love YES boards and the brand in general. CamRock is a winner in my books. Lifetime warranty on their full range. There are some epic boards which would be ideal for you, but they will be 2019 models and not on sale. Something like the YES Typo 156 Wide… amazing value for money, super versatile and lots of fun. Great on the mountain, in the park, in pow… 👌



You’ve got me on the Typo train dude! The bloke at the store has now got me considering the Jackpot…

My question, can the Typo hold up just as well as the Jackpot in the park? Or vice versa… can the Jackpot hold up just as well in the rest of the mountain?

Cheers man.


Hey @Zeb Scott,

Short answer, yes but not exactly.

The Jackpot has an upgraded base (Sintered True). The flex of both boards is very similar. The Jackpot is a true twin and dedicated park board (yet still highly versatile). The Typo is a directional twin with a 5mm setback (yet performs great in the park). The Jackpot has MidBite, the Typo has UnderBite. But they are both super versatile and can handle pretty much everything.

They are both great boards and not all that different from one another. If you think you’ll be spending most of your time in the park and you ride a lot of switch, I’d go for the Jackpot. If you’ll be spending most of your time riding the mountain, chasing pow on pow days, and a bit of time in the park, I’d go for the Typo.

It’s one of those situations where you really can’t make a wrong decision. wink