SNOW Photography Contest - SoHe 2011

blizzard_22 - 05 November 2011 02:20 AM

It is an awesome photo, would love to know what the shutter speed was?!

Cheers lad.  I cant remember exactly as i was trying a mix of different shutter speeds on this day.
Either 9 fps on full frame. Or 11 fps on cropped sensor




Congratulations SnoPics! Your photo was voted as ‘Best Action Photo of the Season’ by our panel of judges.

Here are some comments:

“Love the action going on.”

“Must have been difficult to time.”

“Perfect conditions”

“Mag worthy.”

“Nice timing and creative thinking”

“This is Australian snowboarding.”

Please email promo(at) to claim your prize.

Photographer of the Season will be announced shortly.



Congratulations again to SnoPics, AKA Darren Teasdale, for winning the ‘Photographer of the Season’ category.

Darren’s photos were constantly rated extremely highly by all our judges. Darren provided an array of excellent photos from the 2011 snow season, always capturing the action with quality photography. The judges felt Darren iss a very deserving winner of this category. Darren has also won the opportunity to work with Transfer Snowboard Magazine, and we wish him every success in the future.

Here is a selection of Darren’s highly rated photos:

And of course…


Way to go Snopics! Great prize, and of course, the chance to work with Transfer is priceless!


Congrats Darren, well deserved. All the best working with Transfer


Well done Darren!!!!!  shaka

If ya hadn’t won this thing I was prepared to pull my membership!!!!!! Your pics are always of the highest quality, and I always look forward to checkin out ya posts!!!!!

Will we be seein ya NoHe work this time around?????


I am (almost) speechless….....

I’ve had an awesome time this season. BoardWorld has again put on a great comp so my biggest thanks go out to Jeremy and the crew for making this possible.
I have had so much fun trying to improve my photography and keep it fresh and new for this comp and all the members who follow BoardWorld and this thread. 
I love all the feedback I’ve gotten, both positive and negative, and it is one of the great features of this comp that allows its members to critique everyone’s entries and ultimately help us all develop our skills and technique.
A massive thank you to all the other photographers for their contributions, you guys and girls have posted some amazing images this season and that can only mean good for things for this comp in the future. (Probably going to make it a lot harder for the judges though).
Big thanks to the BoardWorld Members, I hope you enjoyed my version of this season as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you all.
I would be telling lies if I said I wasn’t totally stoked at the opportunity to work with Transfer Magazine. Thanks in advance for what I am sure is going to be a big eyeopener for me.
Thanks also to the Judges. The level of photography and editing that was on display this season was absolutely awesome and you select few must have had a hard time over the last couple of weeks. Thanks cheese
Also, thanks to the sponsors who have put up some wicked prizes. I’m sure that all the winners will be wearing, riding, using your products with pride next season. Cheers!
Ok, sorry it went a little bit Logie’s Award speech…..I am still totally shocked and might be a bit light headed from the news.
Cheers to everyone….
Now to pop the champers!! billy



Once again dude, Well Deserved!!!!! Look forward to seein some of ya work in the glossy pages!!!!! shaka


Ps. Cheers Mizu for being my “heavy”!
On the D.L, it looks like I might be in Niseko for a little while this summer so there is every chance I could be posting some images from my trip. I was there last season for a couple of weeks but didn’t get around to posting anything.


Congratulations, Darren. So very well deserved! Love your work! shaka


Congrats SnoPics! It was always going to be one of your shots that scored Action shot of the season - it was just a matter of which one! Was great to see your work, and everyone else who also posted this season. Great incentive for me to continue trying to improve my images.

Look forward to seeing your Japan shots!


Totally Deserved SnoPics!!! Well done!!!


those pictures are awesome congrats so good!


Amazing work Darren. Keep it up!
Keep aiming higher d-O.O-b <- Two thumbs up :D