Myoko Kogan - Feb 2018



Im finally booked and ready to go to Myoko in Feb 2018! This is my first trip to the powder haven and i couldn’t be more stoked to ride neck deep pow!

Will anyone else be around that area in early Feb? Ill be there from the 1st to the 9th.

Or if anyone has been before and can give good advice on places to eat, drink, hang out, or what runs to do, any info would be siiiick!

Cheeerrrrss legends!


Hi mate, it’s a great place, although it’s becoming a bit more popular now, still heaps of light fluffy stuff.  My personal opinion is that 8-9 days might be pushing it in Myoko as the resorts are all quite mellow and can get a bit samey.

- There are 2 resorts within walking distance of the main village (Akakura Onsen), Akakura Kanko and Akakura Onsen.  Kanko has more blues, a bit more pitchy, Onsen is very mellow - they do have night runs open though (the beginner greens).
- It gets a bit more interesting when you grab the shuttle.  Suginohara (20 mins) has some longer runs and nice side/slack country. It has a 8 km run which is fun to just gun the shit out of a few times.  It’s great on a fresh pow day.
- Madarao (40 mins) is a lot quieter but scores some good powder and has some nice tree runs. It also has a “suicide chair” lol!
- Seki Onsen ( 20 mins) is small but good for a day trip on a fresh day.
- Lotte Arai is opening for the first time in a few years this December - never been there so I’m not sure what it’s like but all reports point to good sidecountry.

You can still boot over to other places as well like Shiga Kogen and Nozawa Onsen which are a bit further but could be a good option to split the trip and provide some variety.  This Feb we are staying in Myoko for 4 days and heading to either Shiga or Nozawa for 4-5 days.

The actual town of Akakura Onsen is pretty cool. Not overly insane nightlife, quieter than Hakuba but plenty of cool bars to grab a feed and a few drinks.  When I was there last year it was pretty dead after 11pm which just means you get to rest up and get the first shuttle in the morning. Lots of places to grab good cheap local food and everyone is very friendly.  English is relatively common.

Overall I highly recommend Myoko but for more than 4-5 days I’d recommend splitting it up with another of the Nagano resorts.


My mate who has lived in Nagano for about 15 years now has been to Lotte Arai before it closed in 2006. He is excited its opening again and has told me we will be going there in Jan. Looks like a fun resort!

I will be in the Myoko area from 26th Jan to 5th Feb. The week before that I will be in Hakuba.

If you dont go I will let everyone know how it is! Cant wait!


we are in myoko from 12-18th feb, before that hakuba from 7th. one place to check out at night is a little bar/restaurant that has a mini pipe in the corner. my mate skates and wanted to hit it. we got there
and there was a table and chairs on it with people, but once dinner was done and a few guys had beers under the belt, table was moved, out came the skateboards,  from the bar and it was on!
I reckon suginohara was the best of what we rode there. long runs, zero crowds, deep pow, looong park.
lotte aria is above treeline in parts looks pretty good so will def day trip it.


I’m skipping out of BC for a few weeks in Feb. Meeting up with some friends from back in WA.
I think we get to Myoko around the 16th.

There will be about 8 of us, so the plan is to get a Hiace or something similar and squeeze in to get to some of the other zones nearby like Madarao & Iizuna etc. Anyone have a good recommendation for car hire options?


Cheers for the replys boys.

Ill keep all those spots in mind.

I hope they get a good amount of snow this winter, all i keep hearing is “there’s so much powder over there, you have to go”.  Hope i don’t get skunked on the dry light fluffy snow everyone raves about!

saltyseadog - 29 August 2017 01:40 PM

Cheers for the replys boys.

Ill keep all those spots in mind.

I hope they get a good amount of snow this winter, all i keep hearing is “there’s so much powder over there, you have to go”.  Hope i don’t get skunked on the dry light fluffy snow everyone raves about!

I went 2yrs yrs ago in what was a crap yr by their standards. I think myoko got about 8.5m that season
instead of 15 plus but that was still about 4-5m more than an aus season! and there was a 50 and 80 dump in the week we were there in early feb




I’ll be there beginning of Feb. Doing Nozawa, Madarao and Myoko from Feb 5 - 16 with First Tours.

You should really try to visit a few other places besides just riding Myoko.
Madarao is super fun and easily accessible for 1 day, there’s also a fun backcountry day trip you can do there with a local guide. Then there’s seki kogen next to Myoko, go there the day after a dump (make sure to check if they’re open) it’s really fun! Lotte Arai is re-opening and looking very good! Specially the backcountry looks pretty epic! There’s also an epic cat ski operation near Myoko which is worth a visit.

Have fun and maybe see you there!


Not sure on exact dates for Myoko, but ill be in the Japan from jan 10th to March 5th, in the middle of planning it now, WIll post here as i get more resorts locked in and dates, atm im in Hakuba untill 22nd jan then might travel around abit check out some smaller resorts. Would be good to meet up with some fellow boardworlder’s for a shred so ill keep yas posted!!



Ive been to myoko twice and heading there again in feb 10th for a week.

Best places to eat for lunch are hands down Koyama if youre at Akakura kanko,
its super close to the main ticket building and to the post office and the coach drop offs.
pop in after your morning sesh and try the gyoza and redhot soba its amazing.
If youre at sugi for the day theres an amazing place at base of lift No.2 that has this hot cinnamon pear dessert that still makes my mouth water thinking about it, plus the rest of food was top!

Myoko Snowsports does a pretty good proper coffee for your morning fix.

For Dinner in myoko
Ramen Chiya is pretty good, simple quick and delish
Mr Burger next door has the best Japanese Crepes for dessert (even better then famous takeshita street in tokyo in my opinion)
opposite mr burger is a small korean BBQ joint that is Amazing, ( but book in morning or day before )
under the italian/pizza restaurant is another small Udon joint that is great (gotta book as it only fits about 10people)

Im Sorry i cant give you the exact names but when you check into your place, all hotels/motels have a “places to eat booklet” that helps alot.

In terms of best areas to explore, alot of it is dependant on the powpow.
My first time was a quiet year and the areas i found with good pow stashes couldnt even be reached the next time i went as it was way too deep to reach without having the speed to get back out.
Nothing ruins a great Pow day when you go a little to deep and have to spend an hour to hike back out.

for Akakura i prefer Kanko side as its steeper with heaps of tree areas between pisted runs (before the hotel) and the sky cable at bottom is pretty fast and is great to chill and recover.  if you are going to traverse from Kanko to Onsen side, take the lift next to the ski jump, champion No3 i think its called.
the traverse from above the ski jump and drop into onsen area is great.

for Ikenotaira which is more park orientated, its cruiser then Kanko but a good change up if u get bored, i prefered the fringes of either side of the resort to get clean pow lines .

for Suginohara, you got to do the top to bottom 8km run its amazing, only downer is the doublechair at bottom is soo sooo slow to get back to main area again. whole mountain is pretty cool, though i prefered left side of mountain from resort peak to high speed quad chair #2



My dates have changed a little, now getting to Myoko on the 24th of Jan and staying there until the 1st of Feb, going to use it as a base for some day trips out to Lotte, Madarao & Sugi.

Would be great to catch up with folks who are there as well for some runs and beers!


we get there a week after u leave but keen to hear a report on lotte once you go there, looks insane!


Hey Guys!

Thanks to everyone for their recommendations! Ill be sure to try and check all the places out!

Im on the count down now! less than 4 weeks till I’m shredding sweet pow! It looks like Japan in general is having a monster season! Lets hope it continues!!

If anyone is around the Myoko area in early Feb, ill be keen to catch up for a few turns some cold brew!

Hope everyone had a great new year!!



Yo i will be in MYOKO from the 1st until the 6th, Down for beers or a shred let me know YEW

OptimusGrime - 19 January 2018 08:03 PM

Yo i will be in MYOKO from the 1st until the 6th, Down for beers or a shred let me know YEW

Yooo bro!! Lock it in man! I’ll also be there from the 1st to the 7th. Let’s slay some powder and beers!

I’m flying solo on this trip, as my buddy pulled the pin last minute.

Hit me up on Facebook, Aaron Wheeler.


Where ya flying out from man?


Im back from Myoko. Had a few good days. Got some amazing dry, fluffy, fast powder. Not the deepest but the best quality snow ive ridden.

I didn’t get to Arrai. Has anyone else gone or going? While I was there 2 people died there after going off course due to poor visibility. Ski patrol said weather was too bad to search. Found them next morning…...

Was a good trip. Cant wait for next year!