Canada Mega Thread - 2017 /2018 edition

@TJswish  yeah I know you love them after that stitch up at falls. Haha was a great day though


Haha totally man, I was so wrecked after that day!

I have some more good runs in the inventory since then smile

Coops - 07 September 2017 09:13 AM

Yeah not a bad idea TJ.
Hey tammy22 my wife and I land in Vancouver on the 17th of October when are you getting there? We could catch up for a beer if it’s around the same time. We are going to go with Tangerine, fee free and free scotia ATM access.

Also I probably going to use Fast cover as TJ has said they cover pretty much everything, just for your info insurance companies only cover you on groomed runs (so no tree runs) unless they state otherwise.

Hey Coops! I arrive in Vancouver on October 6th and I think I’ll head to Whistler 4-5 days after to try and get my accom and job situation sorted ASAP. I think I’ll be attending the job fair which will be mid-Oct. Definitely would be keen to catch up with you two for a drink - I think I’ll come back down to Van to visit friends anyway. If I sign up for Tangerine (more than likely) I’ll swing a code your way or if you’re doing it soon, send one to me and I’ll sign up using it!



If you’re going to Whistler, just be aware that the only Scotiabank ATMs are at Creekside (correct me if I’m wrong @rider26 )