YES 420 Powder Hull

Hi All,

I’ve been riding a Burton Barracuda for a couple of years now and would like something shorter but with great float. I ride in Japan.

I’ve been looking at the YES 420 Powder Hull and it looks awesome. Can anyone recommend if this is a good option. I’m a big unit at about 95KGS and have big boots US12.5

I have also been looking to get a twin board too, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Not interested in the 20/20?????

That way you’ll get the twin and the powder hull in one, and then get a Jones Hover, or my latest “want list item”, a Jones Stormchaser!!!!!


I am definitely interested in the 20/20, but thought i might be able to get the 420 and then get something more suited to those days when the snow is not that fresh and a little more tracked/groomed.

I love the Hover, but that Storm chaser is very cool.


Welcome to Boardworld, @awindley! shaka

You have great taste in powder boards. The 420 Powder Hull is epic! The board has a 273mm waist width which will easily accommodate your size 12.5 boots. No issue there whatsoever. I’m fairly certain the 420 PH will also be fine for your weight, but @amine will be able to chime in on this more accurately.

In regards to twin boards, I would suggest you look at the YES. Standard 159 Wide. It’s a great board, high-end materials, poplar + bamboo core, super versatile, CamRock profile, sintered base. Also, the directional volume twin shape is a winner; it has a true twin shape but the nose/tail volumes are offset giving you increased float in powder when you need it. I could ride this board all season.

Another option that I would highly recommend is the Jones Mountain Twin 161 Wide. It’s such a beautiful board, super versatile, CamRock profile, sintered base. This is another board you can just ride all season regardless of terrain or riding style.


Cheers Rider26,

Some awesome advice on board choices. I’ll have a look at those options and let you know which one I decide upon. If only February wasn’t so far away!


2 words: Burton Fish. That board is so easy to ride in deep pow. Marc Durand can attest to this. If you want even smaller there’s the fishcuit. No experience with 420PH, looks great. But I like tapered boards so yeah hahah.

skip11 - 25 May 2016 04:42 PM

2 words: Burton Fish. That board is so easy to ride in deep pow. Marc Durand can attest to this. If you want even smaller there’s the fishcuit. No experience with 420PH, looks great. But I like tapered boards so yeah hahah.

As you know, I own a Burton Fish. I don’t think it will ever see another day on snow since I’m getting the YES. 20/20 (anyone want to buy it? haha). There’s no comparison to the Powder Hull. It’s like nothing else on the market and needs to be tried to be believed. Once you hold/see it up close you’ll know what I mean. It’s just insane how well the Powder Hull floats (I was riding the 20/20 146 in deep pow and it floats like a dream)! I can only imagine how incredibly the directional 420 Powder Hull rides in pow. To me, it’s the ultimate powder board, and as far as tech goes I don’t think there’s anything else currently on the market that compares. I am so stoked on this tech.


More info on the YES. Powder Hull if anyone is interested.


Hey guys - thanks for all your interest in YES.

Firstly, the 420PH will most certainly handle your foot size & body weight. 

And Secondly, not only will this board perform incredibly well in deep POW (due to the PowderHull tech), but you will also be impressed by how well it rides on hardpack as well.  It rips!  (The team had this board in Japan this summer, and Clint Allan tells me its easily the best POW board he has ever ridden ... and he has ridden his fair share of boards, so I take this feedback pretty seriously!)

Thirdly….the YES. standard is an epic all mountain twin (that can also handle POW), and so is the JONES Mountain Twin.  I would say that the main difference between them is that the Standard is going to be more playful, and the Mountain Twin is going to feel more solid.  But both can be pushed very hard with aggressive riding.

Let me know if you have any more questions!


@rider26 6 : I would loveee to try the 420PH. I love directional powder boards, as long as they’re not reverse sidecuts or holey like a few of those springbreka boards haha. Buy 1 and let me try it when I go to Whis sometime hahah dance


I just purchased the yes 420 powderhull 2017 model and noticed that the underside of the powderhull is a different material than the rest of the base. Feels l like a hard dry plastic. Should wax be applied on this area also? Thanks in advance


@Ramon Mendoza

Hey guys - I am very sorry for my late reply here . Travelling (and a misplaced username/password) were the main reasons for this! 

So the base material we use for the PowderHull Boards is actually a custom p-tex for YES. (and this technology). I can happily confirm that the base is one complete piece of p-tex, but the level of base finishing in the PowderHull zone is different to the level of finishing on the rest of the base.  Hence, the different ‘hand feel’ you have noticed.

I have never waxed my boards through the PowderHull zones, and honestly noticed no reduction in performance / glide (the floatation that this PowderHull technology generates is seriously mind blowing).

Enjoy your new board! 
And if you have any more questions please feel free to hit me up ... I am hoping @rider26 will help me ensure my responses are more timely in future!  haha