Canada Mega Thread

Hi guys!
Firstly I just wanted to thank you guys for the incredible site! I’ve gotten so much info from these threads, truly amazing.
I’m looking at doing the 17/18 season, hopefully at Sun Peaks or Panorama. Lake Louise would be incredible too, but I can’t make it over for the job fairs
I’ve applied for a lot of different jobs but haven’t heard anything back yet :/
I’d really like to have something lined up before I leave (first timer) and need to give my current work a finishing date.
I’ve read in these threads that there’s normally people that leave early, so jobs open up during the season, but I’ve been offered a 1 month locum job in Vancouver through December.
So my question for you, oh wise ones, is do I hold out and hope that I hear back about a job with a resort soon (I sent applications nearly 3 weeks ago), or should I take the locum job in Vancouver and hope that a job opens up during the season?
TIA smile



Hey Jess.

I’m not flying out of Oz until December 3rd so you could say a little bit later than most. I’ve also applied for a lot of jobs but only really heard back from housekeeping (not what i want) at Sun Peaks and Big White. They are the biggest department so i guess they get in a lot earlier than a lot of the others. I have however received an interview in the past week for a couple of bartending jobs at big white so my next guess is that other departments are only just starting to get to interviews now (i applied 1 month ago). Ive also applied at Pano and the rest and haven’t heard anything. They also do job fairs this month aswell so theyl have that to contend with. So don’t fret, they should start getting back to you shortly, and if worst comes to worse i’m just going to fly over and wing it in a snow town and hope for the best.


Welcome to Boardworld, @jess234! shaka

Typically you wouldn’t be offered a job this early. You might need to play the waiting game. I would hold out a bit longer for sure. wink

@TJswish, you know Sun Peaks well… what do you think? Pretty easy getting a job?


Thanks so much guys! Helped a lot.
I’ve been in the same job for the last 4 years so I’m pretty out of the application game,  was just thinking my resume skills sucked haha. Good to know I’m just being nervous! I’ll wait a while longer then.
I’m hoping to fly out start of December too, the countdown is on!! wink cheese


Sun Peaks was pretty easy for me, I only applied for Lift Ops, got an interview and got the job. It was decent but the resort is very “Family Friendly” so if you like groomers and blue runs with some decent stuff spread around the resort then go for it.

I’d say it wasn’t until about now that I got an interview but this was years ago and the bosses have changed for that department.

Personally I’d stick away from house keeping but that’s cause I’m 6ft tall and my back couldn’t handle bending down to make beds, scrub toilets and vacuum. It’s also a very un-social job as you each get set to a certain amount of rooms and you just work on them. So be open and make friends in other departments early and be keen on listening to podcasts and music cause that’ll be the only interactions you get for a good portion of the day.


I know Pano do some hiring through TWHC but they get a lot of people from the job fair and online too. If neither of you have heard anything back, it’s probably just not time yet. Though it might not hurt to send a follow up email to ask if / when you will hear a response as “Panorama is your number 1 choice of resort and are really excited to come work a season” even if it isnt lol.

And if you need someone to look over your resume and give you some tips, feel free to PM me and I’ll give you my email. (Stranger on the Interwebs so you can’t get embarrased right?). Jeremy (Rider26) would vouch for me raspberry


Thanks @TJswish !
I would say I’m a beginner by Canadian standards, so a lot of blue would suit me. I’m 27, and going over for a good time, but I think I’m too old for the party every night lifestyle friends have told me whistler is. I’m sure it would be awesome, but I don’t think I’d survive a whole season haha. So I’m looking for something a bit more laid back. Other than sun peaks or panorama any other mountain suggestions? I’ve had friends work both sun peaks and whistler, but don’t anyone who’s worked panorama. Have any of you guys?
And thank you so much for the offer! If I haven’t heard anything in a couple of weeks I’ll definitely take you up on that smile


I know a few people who have worked Pano @jess234. All of them had a good time. From what I’ve heard of Pano it is quite steeper (as is normal in the Rockies area), has good staff accom, good back country but less annual snowfall (we are still talking 5-6m vs 9-10 of Kicking Horse, Revvie or Fernie). Sun Peaks is quite often similar in that they get more like 5-6m but it’s always good when it falls and it very rarely rains vs Fernie that can be awesome or crap depending on where the snowline is.

With Sun Peaks, the staff accom is 2km from the bars and from work. Either have a car or have those walking boots ready. Pano staff accom is on the hill and I think it’s pretty close to the base area (being that it’s only 1 lift up the mountain. The Sun Peaks staffies is right next to the Burfield chair on the piste map if you look it up.

Most mountains will have a pretty active party scene but Whistler and Banff are just next level. While you don’t have to go out every night there, it’s definitely more pressure than say Pano / SP / Silverstar / Kicking Horse / Red etc. Big White, Revvie and Fernie all have a pretty big party scene too but can be avoided a bit easier since there is no staff accom.

If you’re looking for a lot of blue type runs, I’d defintely be going Sun Peaks / Silver Star / Big White as my top choices but understand that you will progress a lot during the season. I had friends that came to Fernie who had never skiied or snowboarded and we hucking it down double blacks by the end of the season. It’s all about how much effort you put in, you get the same out. On a snowboard, once you can stop you can do pretty much any run smile. If you want a job and aren’t too fussed on where you go, I’d just apply for all the big ones and see what you get. You can always turn down places if you get something better. From my experience (visited 11 or 12 different resorts) they all have distinct pros and cons for me.


Thanks so much for all of your help!
If I ever see you over there, I definitely owe you a beer or 3 grin


I’ll be moving to France so no beer for me :(