Review: UE Boom Wireless Speaker



Ultimate Ears sent us a UE Boom wireless speaker system to test and review. Not only have I been very impressed by the speaker, everyone who's seen the speaker in action has been equally impressed. My first impressions were focussed on the build quality of the speaker. The speaker feels strong and solid, and you get the feeling these things can take a beating. There is nothing cheap or fragile about the build and materials. The speaker is super easy and quick to set up and use. It's also very easy to change phones. Just push the button for three seconds and any phone can connect to the speaker.

The sound is where these speakers come into their own; clear, crisp and seriously loud! The volume goes louder than you'd ever need in a practical situation, without any sound distortion. With 360° sound, this small unit is capable of pumping sound throughout a house.


The UE Boom speaker fits comfortably in the hand. Its sleek cylinder design and grippy bottom allows the speaker to stand solid on any surface. Standing 18cm tall, with a diameter of 6cm, the speaker can easily fit into a backpack, handbag, or even in a cup holder (car or bike). The speaker weighed up at 541g on our scales.


• Water resistant
• Strain resistant
• 15 hour battery life (tested and confirmed)
• 50 feet Bluetooth distance (tested and confirmed)
• Clip to attach to a backpack (removable).
• When the clip is removed, any standard tripod can screwed in.
• Connect two speakers via the UE Boom App.
• Can be used as your phone's speaker.


• Travelling
• BBQs
• Picnics
• Outdoor events
• Shred sessions
• Social events
• House parties
• Car speaker

We went to a house party at the Chimp Clothing lodge near Thredbo. Armed with only one UE Boom speaker, the speaker pumped music through the entire lodge all night. Everyone attending was genuinely impressed with the quality and volume of the sound. Even in this environment, it's not necessary to even go close to full volume. Any time we cranked the volume to test the sound, people would turn around to see why the music was so loud. Regardless of the occasion, the UE Boom speaker is more than enough to keep the tunes pumping.


The UE Boom speaker retails for $199 in Australia.


The UE Boom speaker is available in six colours.



I have honestly been blown away by the UE Boom speaker. Everything from the build quality, functionality, ease of use, and especially the sound quality, makes me very confident in recommending this product. I am genuinely stoked on the speaker, and I will continue to make use of it in various situations as mentioned earlier. While the speaker is very practical, it also has that "novelty" and "wow" factor. People just want to pick it up and play with it. Several people have already asked to purchase one.

Please feel free to ask me any questions and I will be more than happy to answer honestly.
When will they be for sale in the BW store?
We aren't currently selling the speakers through Boardworld.

Full list of retailers here:
I was at that Chimp Clothing party with the other Boardworldians and I can tell you Rider isn't kidding. That tiny little speaker was the only thing we used for music all night and it filled the whole lodge like a full size stereo.

Most of the time we had it on half volume (except when rider was showing it off, it was literally way to much volume for the house when it was near full).

Pretty sweet as a any time party speaker, but I could really see it being a favourite for taking to the skate park or places like that.
Absolutely awesome piece of technology. As the owner of Chimp, we were stoked to have this baby power our tunes for the night! Speaker quality is ridiculous, even when we had to turn it up louder. We're heading on a few overseas trips next year, and this will definitely be in our suitcases. So great to see a quality product like this on the market.
Think I might be heading to JB HiFi tonight to get one
This little berla is so good!! I'm getting my self one after hearing/playing my tunes through it down the snow at the Chimp clothing lodge!!
K2 it would be sick for when your skating... rocker
When I get one it will be my music when I'm on the beers or when I'm out in the boat fishing!!!
Tight Budget for the Extras in the Shoot hey?????
Jealous you weren't there Miz smirk

Actually that was just a party put on by Chimp Clothing, nothing to do with the speakers.
But when you have that many ridiculously good looking people in one room, it would be criminal not to take a few pics camera cool smile
oh, i thought it was a crime stoppers screen shot
More like criminal not to douse the joint in mower fuel?????

Opportunity only knocks once, and it looks like I wasn't at home!!!!! rage
Notice that in the first pic, fatima has strategically placed himself in front of the Chip Bowl!!!!! LOL
I was at the chimp lodge gathering aswell and when rider first pulled it out I thought yea cool, but it will be like all the others, all treble and no bass. So you can imagine my shock when he turned it on and it put out good, solid, deep bass!
So surprised and stoked on how good this thing is! I remember the days of taking expensive, heavy, awkward, low quality backpack speakers to the skate park and skate spots just to crank some tunes at mild volume (because anything more just sounded horrible), one of these would have been better than sliced bread for these times shaka
Weren't you passed out on the floor?????
In Dylan's defence, he only passed out at the end of the night! billy LOL
rider26 - 08 October 2013 03:56 PM
In Dylan's defence, he only passed out at the end of the night! billy LOL

When Prime Possum says Goodnight, that's hardly the "End of The Night"!!!!!!