World Snowboard Day 2012 - Win 1 of 10 Prize Packs!



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Just because it’s summer Downunder, doesn’t mean that we can’t all join the party on World Snowboard Day 2012.

December 30th, 2012 marks the seventh international World Snowboard Day - so 10 lucky Aussie riders will be scoring awesome prize packs from a bunch of awesome brands. We have 10 equal prize packs to give away!

To win, simply tell us and/or show what snowboarding means to you. We are looking for impressive entries that make us want to go snowboarding! Bonus points for photos and videos. Click here for instructions on how to post photos and videos.

Alternately, show us what you and your friends did to commemorate World Snowboard Day 2012. Whether you were hiking the backcountry in Canada, scoring waist deep turns in Japan, or watching snowboarding DVDs your friends in Australia, show us what you got up to on World Snowboard Day. Share your stoke with the rest of Australia!

You must reply to this thread for a valid entry. This contest closes at 5:00pm on Friday, January 11th, 2012 (AEST). The winners will be announced here shortly after. You can enter from anywhere, however we can only ship to Australian addresses. The best 10 entries will win the prize packs.

Please also go to this page and click I’LL BE THERE! - Thank you for supporting World Snowboard Day Down Under. shaka

<li>Premium snowboard socks from Boardworld</li>
<li>“YES. It’s a Movie Too” DVD from YES. Snowboards</li>
<li>Technical riding top from Quiksilver</li>
<li>Backpack from FYVE Snowboards</li>
<li>“13” DVD from Burton Australia</li>
<li>1 day lift pass (for 2013 season) from Hotham Alpine Resort</li>
<li>2012 photo book from Transfer Snowboard Magazine</li>
<li>Trunk Junk edition four from Trunk Junk Magazine</li>
<li>Shoelace belts from 7/9/13</li>
<li>T-shirt and hat from Drift HD Australia</li>
<li>“Intro to Freestyle” download version from Snowboard Addiction</li>
<li>Beanie from ELM Company</li>
<li>Face mask from 3CS Outerwear</li>
<li>Beanie from Dragon</li>
<li>$20 voucher from STM Online</li>
Thank you to the following brands for supporting World Snowboard Day Downunder 2012…


Cool, I’ll try to get something going soon.


my head hurts too much to deal with video filmimg and editing atm sick


That looks awesome! Bummer that I’ve only snowboarded once

DylanV - 24 December 2012 09:19 AM

my head hurts too much to deal with video filmimg and editing atm sick

I hear ya

RockenPunk - 24 December 2012 03:03 PM

That looks awesome! Bummer that I’ve only snowboarded once

That doesn’t matter at all!

Obviously you enjoyed it - so tell us WHY! WHAT was it about your first snowboarding experience that left you craving for more. THAT’s what this competition’s all about!


drift and fyve getting involved with the prizes yew!!!


Snowboarding means a lot of things to me.

I’m going to make a bit of a list…

Snowboarding means a good weekend away. There’s not much I like more than finishing work on a Friday arvo and knowing that I’m going snowboarding on the weekend. Wether it’s just for a day, or for a ‘long weekend’.

I enjoy my job, but knowing that as soon as Friday afternoon hits makes getting through the working week that much easier. LOL

Snowboarding means a car full of mates, with of up to 5 hours of hilarious shit talking and horrible singing.

It’s an awesome way to catch up with mates and an even better way to make new ones. I even got my girlfriend snowboarding so now I get to spend more time with her as well.

It means new experiences, traveling, seeing the world.

To me snowboarding is the drive that gets me through my day, it makes me want to skate when I can’t snowboard.

It means that I always have a new goal to achieve, weather it’s saving for the next OS trip, stomping a new trick on the weekend, getting an old trick dialed 100%, or saving for a new board.

It means that I’m going snowboarding at least 3 times during my “summer holiday” next year; indoor in England, Saas Fee in Switzerland, and Dubai on the way home LOL

I also have a few photos I want to share with you guys which I’ll post when I get access to my computer. This was a lot to write on a phone hope it makes sense haha!

Edit for pics:

These are some of my favorite pics from the last year:

Banff, Canada. This was part of the Mint Tours Canada Road Trip. Best town, heaps of fun and awesome night life.

This was also from the Road Trip and I reckon it’s the best group photo of the trip. Brings back heaps of good memories.

This was me at Baw Baw’s GNU Weirdfest this year, another awesome day. Met up with K2 and Trent. Just a fun day and heaps of rad people snowboarding.

Good mates, good snow, good times! One of many rad pow weekend at Falls Creek this year. It was my mate Tim’s (middle) first time snowboarding.

Me and my girlfriend. Opening weekend at Falls, she committed to buying a full set of gear without ever snowboarding. Still not sure who was more stoked, me or her haha!

Well, that’s it from me lol. Was fun writing this up, really good way for me to look back on 2012 grin


Great stuff, Koper! Looking forward to your photos. shaka


snowboarding is beer buddies, long drives, creativity and fun. wouldn’t swap it for anything.


I’m new and I’ve only snowboarded once before, but it was the best thing I’ve ever done, and I’ve become addicted, or as I like to call it ‘an enthusiast’. I’m going back to Falls Creek and Hotham in the upcoming snow season.

What really draws me back to snowboarding is the big risks, the great view on the mountaintop, and having complete control of your ride down the slope. And it’s always a good time, you and your mates jumping the small bumps on the edge of track.

Snowboarding means being able to come back from a fun, but cold and exhausting day on the snow and hop straight into the hot spa at the ‘resort’. Then staying back for a few games of pool or heading out to dinner, in the local town.

Snowboarding, to me, is a combination of the best feelings and thoughts ever. Physically, mentally and visually.

Oh yeah, and seeing your mate fall on their bum is also a good laugh.


Nice one, daniel_m.

Welcome to Boardworld, FallsCreek01.

cool smile


Snowboarding is the most enjoyable thing you’ll ever do, whether you just go down beginner runs repeatedly all day or hit the park up, it’s what you as an individual make of it. The runs aren’t set like concrete, so you decide how fast or slow, where you go and what you hit. It’s a four hour drive to Mt Buller with a car full of mates who don’t care how bad you sing for the entire trip. It’s waking up in the morning not caring what time it is, and just getting pumped for the rush of cold air against your face. This is me the first day of snowboarding ever. I loved every second of it.


Enjoy a video i made to show what snowboarding means to me!


Very nice Flez!

TJswish - 31 December 2012 12:20 AM

Very nice Flez!

Thanks TJswish, Glad you liked it!